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Rubber Hole Plugs

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Blanking Plugs

Blanking Plugs are used on sheet metal to protect against sharp edges and are ideal for closing panel cavities. It protects against moisture ingress, dust, and vibration-dampening. It provides a clean finish and a quick solution.

They come in an extensive offering to suit the most common hole diameters and panel thicknesses. Used in electronic applications and the automotive industry. Two materials are available: TPR withstands temperatures between -40C and 135C | -40F and 275F. PVC withstands temperatures up to 50C | 122F.

  • Material: PA, Nylon, Silicone, PVC, TPR, LDPE
  • Colour: Black, White, Grey, Natural
  • Material Flammability Standard: UL94 V-2

Body Plugs

These Body plugs are great for closing panel cavities and firmly sealing apertures or holes such as sharp edges. They act as a protective barrier, preventing dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants from entering and potentially causing harm or compromising the enclosed space's integrity.

It has a clean finish and a tight and secure fit thanks to a push fit. They can tolerate temperatures ranging from -40C to 135C. Used in various applications, including automotive, industrial equipment, and machinery.

  • Material:TPR, Silicone, TPE
  • Colour: Black

Centre Pull Plugs

These Centre Pull Plugs are used to seal electrical wire ends. Due to the tapered design, the item can plug multiple inner diameters. These plugs' snug fit and secure seal prevents undesired substances from entering the open tube or hole, protecting internal components and ensuring optimal performance.

The integrated centre tab is designed for quick and easy removal and installation by hand and with a tool. It protects against damage, dirt, moisture, and corrosion during storage and shipping. Used in various applications, including electrical cables in machinery, equipment, and control panels.

  • Material: LDPE, TPR, Low Density Polyethylene
  • Colour: Yellow, Red, Black, Orange

Centre Pull Tab Hose Plug

Pull Tab Hose Plugs are designed to plug and seal hose ends. They have ribs that ensure a tight fit when plugging hydraulic lines without straining them. It features a high tensile strength, toughness, and flexibility.

The inside centrally located pull tab enables simple plug insertion and removal, making it a hassle-free alternative. Furthermore, the tapered form allows for the plugging of numerous interior diameters. This plug's snug fit and secure seal effectively prevent dust, dirt, and other impurities from entering the hose, protecting internal components and guaranteeing optimal performance. Commonly used for construction, automotive, and agricultural applications.

  • Material: EVA
  • Colour: Yellow

Domed Blanking Plugs

These Domed Blanking Plugs are suitable for sealing panel cavities and are meant to seal off gaps in the sheet metal sector for equipment or machinery as a safeguard against sharp edges. They also act as a secure barrier, preventing dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants from entering.

When placed, the domed form gives a nice and clean finish and helps to deflect impacts, lowering the chance of damage to the plug or the equipment it is put in. They are corrosion-resistant and electrically insulating.

Simple to install as they are made to fit tightly into the opening they're sealing, ensuring a secure fit. They come in a large offering to suit hole diameter and panel thickness and are used in industries including manufacturing, automotive, construction, and electronics.

Flanged Barrel Plugs

These Flanged Barrel Plugs protect and seal openings or ports of tubes, pipes and other cylindrical openings. It features convex sides to ensure a more secure fit and prevent them from slipping out.

In addition, they prevent the ingress dust, dirt, and moisture into the equipment. It protects internal components from leaking and contaminations entering.

The plug is inserted into the opening or port, and the flange is pressed against the surrounding surface, creating a secure seal. The flange ensures the plug remains in place and prevents it from being accidentally dislodged. Used in various applications, including industrial, manufacturing, and automotive.

Parallel Protection Plugs

Parallel protection plugs are general-purpose plugs that are used to protect a variety of applications. It has a parallel design that ensures a secure and snug fit while preventing contaminants, damage, dirt, corrosion, moisture, and debris during storage and transportation. It is highly fragmentation-resistant and suited for threaded applications.

The plug has a closed top design and convex sides to ensure a secure fit. It is easy to install and remove and provides a neat finish. Suitable for various applications in different industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and commercial.

  • Material: LDPE, TPE, PVC, Vinyl
  • Colour: Natural, Black, Green

Push-In Cable Blanking Plug

These Push-in Cable Blanking Plugs are used to protect against sharp edges at the end of a pneumatic tube or hose and to offer waterproof protection for spare apertures to be closed. It keeps dust, dirt, and other impurities out and is highly resistant to corrosion and wear.

It is IP97-compliant and accommodates typical Metric and PG sizes. They give a clean finish and a rapid solution and are available in various sizes to accommodate hole diameter and panel thickness.

Simple to install and remove thanks to the push fit into the application. Suitable for a wide range of sheet metal industry applications, including electrical panels, control cabinets, and junction boxes.

Side Pull Plugs

Side pull plugs are a type of plug that is inserted into a hole and pulled to one side to remove. Designed to protect apertures or cavities during production, storage, and transportation against dust, dirt, damage, moisture, acid, and corrosion.

The side pull tab is designed for quick and easy removal and provides additional help to remove the part from a tight fit. Two materials are offered: PE for basic protection needs and TPR to protect threaded. It can withstand temperatures from -40F to 275F (-40C to 135C). Used in various applications, including machinery, electronics, automotive, and HVAC systems.

  • Material: TPR, Low Density Polyethylene, LDPE
  • Colour: Natural, Blue, Black

Snap-Fit Blanking Plugs

Snap-Fit Blanking Plugs are used in various applications to seal and preserve unused holes or apertures. These plugs have been carefully developed to offer a secure and dependable seal without extra fasteners or adhesives.

The snap-fit mechanism provides a secure connection, preventing inadvertent removal or displacement even when subjected to pressure or vibration. It offers high impact resistance and keeps dust, moisture, and other pollutants out of the hole.

It is easy to install, requiring only a push or snap into place, without needing tools. Suitable for various sectors such as manufacturing, electronics, and construction.

USB Dust Cover

USB and RJ Dust Covers are used to protect USB and RJ ports while they are not in use. It prevents dust, dirt, debris, and moisture from entering electrical components.

The covers are simple to attach through push fit, and no tension is applied to the adapter's internal components while entering. It is resistant to temperatures of up to 150C | 302F. Used for applications including the technology industry and cover connectors from printers, scanners and other electronic devices with USB ports.

  • Material: Silicone Rubber, EPDM
  • Colour: Black