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Grips - Flat

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Flat Grips are ideal for finishing flat handles and capping bar stock. The flexible material has excellent insulation properties and can stretch onto slightly larger dimensions without shredding or tearing.

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Handle Grips - Round Ribbed

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Our broad range of Handle Grips are suitable for a variety of applications. Available in a choice of handle types, including those with finger grips that are ideal for applications requiring a strong finger grasp. The extensive range also features options without finger grips, pram and palm handle options.

Most of our range is made from Black Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), however we also have an option made from Flexible PVC that is White in its appearance. PVC benefits from a high impact strength, has a lower temperature resistance, and is also less resistant to chemicals. The easy-grasp Palm Handle options are made from Black Reinforce Polyamide (PA) Based Technopolymer. This glass fibre material is an extremely strong and durable material.

These flexible and durable materials fit standard bar sizes, and can be used on hand trucks, punch presses, tools, and many other equipment and application types.

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