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Adjustable w/ Secondary Lock Draw Latch & Keep

Adjustable Draw Latches made in Stainless Steel are available and are designed for flexibility and security. The secondary locking button prevent accidental opening and the latch can be fitted using standard M4 fittings. The keeper is supplied with the latch

Door Bolt Latch

Door Bolt Latch is used for latching in both internal and external applications. Popular applications include; cabinets and furniture making, as well as entry doors like toilet cubicles and storage cupboards.

These latches are suitable for domestic and commercial use. They are very easy to install and a cost-effective solution.

The range includes options suitable for push-to-close applications, which are concealed and therefore users will not notice the latch from the outside.

  • Materials: Die Cast Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel
  • Finish Options: Bright Chrome, Nickel Plated and Stainless Steel
  • 180 degree hinge rotation

Draw Latches & Keepers - Plastics and Rubber

Draw Latches and Keeper with a flexible, over-centre design. It benefits from a low profile; the keeper is concealed and fixed under the latch to aid this design feature.

Screw mounted design. The range includes options with a non-corrosive rubber handle.

  • Materials: Die Cast Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel
  • Colours: Black and Grey

Dust Caps

The Quarter Turn lock range is supplied with a range of accessories including dust caps. These are supplied to prevent dust particles from clogging up a lock. They are suitable for all locks with a 20.2 x 22.2 fixing hole

Fixing Rings

The Quarter Turn lock range is supplied with a range of accessories including fixing rings. These are supplied in two different types; one in Spring Steel and the other in Die Cast Zinc. They are suitable for all locks with a 20.2 x 22.2 fixing hole.

Latch And Lock Keys

Latch and Lock Keys are specific to their parent part for additional security and will often need to be ordered separately. All the keys for our locks and latches are available here.

Locating Plates

Cam Lock Wood Washer and Cam Lock Locating Plates are supported by the display locks range. The wood washer prevents a cam lock from rotating in wooden applications where it is convenient to drill are round hole for fitting the lock. The locating or mounting plate is steel and enable a cam lock with a 19mm x 15.9mm double D profile to be fixed securely

Locking Paddle Latch

Heavy Duty Paddle Latches are available in Eurokey or keyed to differ locking options. For all types, the lock can be opened from the inside by moving the cam. The keyed alike types come with a stainless steel shutter. These Latches are supplied with one key (4444) and comply to an IP 54 rating. Types 1 and 3 require a locking device which is sold separately

Over Centre Draw Latch w/ Keeper Plate

Over Centre Drawer Latch that features a smooth surface and provides a pleasing finished appearance. The latch is hand-operated and easy to use.

They latch features a design that operates courtesy of a draw hook and includes a keeper plate.The latch securely pulls two components together and lock by pushing the latch over its centre.

Light duty when compared to Wire Latches (sold separately); this latch range is ideal for use on small containers, metal boxes and light industrial cleaning machines.

  • Material: Stainless Steel

Paddle Latch Locking Catch

This Locking Catch is a locking device that is required in conjunction with Locking Paddle Latches, which have a slam-shut operation.

  • IP54 standard
  • Materials: Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Zinc Plated

Sliding Snap Latches

Our Sliding Snap Latches have a quick slide movement to release the catch. They have an easy fixing design for added convenience.

The range includes mini options that are suitable for small size doors. The range also offers a solution for different panel thickness and features locking options for added security.

  • Materials: ABS and Polyamide (PA)
  • Colour: Black

Swell Latches

Swell Latches are quick and easy to install. They are used as a fastener for applicactions requiring alignment and anti vibration. A selection for cut out is required depending on the frame thickness.

Wire Loop Draw Latch & Strike

Wire Loop Draw Latches & Strikes consist of a simple ergonomic design suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring a straightforward Catch and Strike operation.

The catch and strike components must be ordered separately. They are ideal for light duty applications and include non-adjustable options.

  • Material: PVC and Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Natural
  • Finish Options: Stainless Steel and Polished