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Rivet Guns

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This combination setting tool is suitable for use with Pop Rivets. Ideal for one-hand applications, the single handed operation allows you to decrease the pressure required for riveting by up to 40 percent. This is can be achieved because operating force increases as a users hand closes around the lever; this force is fully taken advantage of by way of the special lever with an ergonomic design. This makes the installation of blind rivets quick and easy, but also comfortable.

The tool has a robust design that offers secure riveting. The gun features a used rivet mandrel container. The guns jaw mechanism grips the rivet mandrel firmly after breaking, which can then be released once more by pressing the lever forwards. The long stroke is handy for highly blind rivets.

  • Single-handed, manual operation
  • Made from black and blue plastic
  • Working Range: Blind rivets up to 5mm diameter aluminium and 4mm diameter steel/stainless steel.

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R 5 232,8082 - R 5 232,8082 4 In stock - Delivery conditions may apply, visit our FAQs
Rivet Gun 16.2 mm (L) 221.0 mm (W)


Price Range
R 5 232,8082 - R 5 232,8082

Stock Levels
4 In stock - Delivery conditions may apply, visit our FAQs
  • Stroke Length
    16.2 mm
  • Width
    221.0 mm
  • Length
    218.0 mm
  • Depth
    37.0 mm
  • Weight
    0.75 kg