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Clear Adhesive Discs

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These spherical Sealing Discs seal and secure a range of products due to their strong adhesive backing, which prevents the discs from peeling off or getting loose.

Ideal for an economical, professional finish. This series has two varieties: one with an acrylic-based bond removable for applications and one with a permanent bond.

It is simple to apply by peeling away the backing and exposing the sticky surface and pressing it onto the surface. There is an option for centre perforation or plain discs, and it is commonly used in various applications, including packaging, labelling, and product security.

  • Colour: Clear

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Toothed Lock Washers - External

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External Tooth Lock Washers have been developed for locking screws, bolts and nuts in place, and offer ideal prevention for the loosening of PCB spacers caused by vibrations.The Tooth Lock Washer, also known as an Electrical Contact Washer, has tooth-like serrations on the external diameter that help the toothed washer prevent bolted joints from loosening, through the use of friction.

Our stainless steel toothed washers offer good corrosion and wear resistance. The zinc plated external tooth washer option, is ideal for applications where a high mechanical strength is needed. The lower material cost makes it an alternative to brass, when conductivity is not a critical issue.

Material: Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, SteelColour: Natural, WhiteDIN 85

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Hook & Loop Pieces - Mated Coins

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These Hook and loop Pieces with Mated Coins are made from a strip of mated coin pieces with a high initial tack and strong adherence. The attached and removed coins are readily attached and detached, allowing repeated usage and repositioning.

Its adhesive makes installation easy. It withstands application temperatures ranging from 18C to 38C to service temperatures ranging from -20C to 65C. They are a quick and easy way to attach objects together, such as attaching cloth, mounting signage, or organising stuff.

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