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O-afdichtringen Zelfklevende schijfjes

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Ring Seals - O-Ring

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These O-Ring seal are designed to provide a tight seal in flanged connections, preventing fluid or gas leaks. It creates a tight seal by fitting into flange grooves. It is flexible and durable and can withstand the pressures and temperatures encountered in hydraulic systems, ensuring consistent performance even under harsh conditions.

The round cross-section of the O-ring seal allows for consistent sealing force and a tight fit, allowing them to be employed in both static and dynamic applications. They offer a seal between two stationary components in static applications and between a fixed part and a moving element in dynamic applications.

This section contains imperial o-rings, metric o-rings, European metric o-rings, and O-ring face seals (ORFS). Some are made of nitrile, while others are made of FPM. Typically inserted in the flange grooves to provide a tight fit and a secure seal. Commonly used in various applications such as hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, fluid power systems or oil and gas.

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