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Grommet Nuts

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Grommet Nuts are intended to provide a reliable and durable fastening solution. The nut features a flanged base with a central hole that fits over a grommet. It is designed to snap into a pre-punched square hole and is used with a screw to connect numerous panels. The grommet serves as reinforcement, evenly dispersing the load and preventing the nut from pushing through or harming the surrounding material.

It is simple to install and remove by simply inserting it. Once in the hole, the grommet stretches and holds the material, ensuring a snug fit without using extra equipment. They also offer exceptional resistance to vibration and loosening. Used in various applications, including HVAC, automotive, electronics, and industrial.

  • Material: PA
  • Colour: Natural
  • Material Flammability Standard: UL94 V-2

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Square Nuts

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In this range used with lead screws, you will find a wide range of Square Nuts depending on your needs: Square Bronze Nuts with fixing holes, Square Brass Nuts, Square Steel Nuts and Square Steel Nuts with Fixing holes.

  • Square Bronze Nuts with through holes are used when a secure and robust connection is needed. It provides stability and strength, making it suited for medium-duty applications. It has through holes suitable for cap head screws.
  • Square Brass Nut is used in applications where fairly light loads are required. It is sturdy and resistant to corrosion, moisture, and other factors.
  • Square Steel Nuts are utilised in applications that need slow rotational speeds, manual control, clamping or locking actions.
  • Square Steel Nuts with Holes are used for applications with low rotational speeds, manual control, and locking functions. It has through holes suitable for cap head screws.

These are widely utilised in a variety of industrial applications, including in automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment. Available as standard right-hand thread square nuts as well as left-hand threaded.

Please note: Steel to steel contact surfaces are inappropriate for motorised motion.

  • Material: Bronze (CuSn7ZnPb) , Steel (EN 10277-3, 11SMnPb37), Brass (EN 12164, CW614N-M).
  • ISO 2901/2903 and DIN 103.

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