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Mains Plug Strain Relief Cable Clamps

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Strain Relief Clamp

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These Strain Relief Clamps are widely used in various sectors to hold and protect cables, wires, and tubing from excessive tension or strain. These clamps are intended to keep wires firmly in place, preventing them from being yanked or twisted and causing damage or disconnection. By lowering the possibility of a cable failure or signal loss, the strain relief clamp maintains the lifetime and dependability of electrical or mechanical systems.

It disperses the stress or tension along the cable's length, preventing it from collecting in a single location. This reduces the chance of cable breakage or damage, especially when cables are subjected to frequent movement, vibration, or bending.

It is lightweight and has increased durability and strength. It is simple to install with two M3 screws. Commonly used in electrical systems, machinery, or automotive applications.

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