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Flexible Pipe Caps

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Rotational Moulded Cap protects threaded pipe ends. Due to its softer material it allows for easier fitting on pipes. These caps have outstanding toughness and are puncture resistant with good flexibility which makes assembly or removal easier.

They are used to fit different pipe and tubing configurations, and they can be used in applications such as automotive, HVAC, construction, and industrial equipment. These caps provide protection from dust, dirt, and moisture.

  • Material: PE, PVC
  • Colour: Yellow, White, Red, Black

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Standard Size Pipe Caps

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A range of protective caps designed for standard pipe sizes that are available at a low cost, but with a high quality finish. Our Standard Size Pipe Caps are available in a choice of material options; HDPE, LDPE and Flexible PE, and cover a wide range of sizes.

These moulded caps are designed to grip over the external diameter of pipes and tubes, to prevent the ingress of foreign agents, during storage and shipping. There design allows for quick and easy assembly and removal, either by hand or with the use of automated equipment.

The range features caps that have internal ribs that ensure a tight fit and help release air pressure build up. In addition, the range includes caps that have a small vent hole. The vent hole allows the cap to be properly fitted, which also helps to eliminate air pressure.

  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene, Low-Density Polyethylene and Flexible PE
  • Colours: Black, Natural, Red and Yellow
  • Meets ANSI and DIN specifications.

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