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Try Before You Buy With Free Samples

Make Component Sourcing For Your Project Much Easier With Our Free Sample Service

In order to fit you with the product that best suits your needs, we recommend sampling to ensure compatibility, and best of all, it's free.  Even if the product doesn't fit your requirements, feel free to order a sample or call one of our on-hand experts to find the one that does.

Request Samples In 3 Easy Steps

Find the product you would like to sample 

Locate your product by browsing through the navigation, or use the search boxes at the top of the page to type in a keyword such as "Cap and Plug" or a part number, if applicable.

Products that are a part of our ‘Free Sample Programme’ will have the ‘Add Sample +’  button.

Click the "Free Sample" button 

Once you have located the product you wish to sample, order it by clicking on the "Add Sample +" button.

Your item will then be added to the cart, where you can either complete the request or continue to shop and finish the request at your leisure.

order sample step 2


When you want to complete the order request for your sample, navigate to the checkout screen by clicking the basket button and completing the checkout process.

At this stage, you will need to create a web account  so the sample can be sent to you.

order sample step 3