Making Cable Management Easier - The Buyer's Guide

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Disorganized cables can clog up airflow, causing them to overheat. You also need to be careful of excessive tugging, pulling or bending of your cables. These are just some of the problems smart cable management can help you avoid.

We offer a wide selection of cable management solutions to cater to your specific requirements: heavy duty cable ties, plastic cable ties, cable tie mounts, slotted cable duct and flexible cable wrap. You can also learn more in our guide How to Protect Cables.

We’re flexible, here to advise you on the best solution for your application, whether it’s off-the-shelf or a design customized to suit your needs. To make sure you get exactly what you require, try before you buy with our free samples on request. Add fast dispatch, and we make the entire ordering process hassle free.

Cable ties

Perfect for data cabinets, control boxes, electronics, automotive, aerospace and security

Keep important cables grouped together and choose different colors to make each group easy to identify. Being organized reduces wear and tear, which prolongs cable life. Because your cables are organized you can save time and resources when carrying out maintenance and repairs.

Essentra Components offer a vast range of solutions, from twist ties and secure cable ties to the cable tie gun that will help you reduce installation time. You can also learn more in our Guide to Cable Ties.

FEATURES: Choose from standard, push-in, ball, releasable, double locking, hook and loop and metal ties

MATERIAL: Available in materials ranging from stainless steel to polypropylene, with varied heat and UV tolerances

SPECIFICATION: Select your length from a variety of options. Some of our products come in a range of colors. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know.

*Tensile strength is mainly defined by material and width of the product.

Beaded Cable Ties

Beaded Cable Ties

  • Releasable beaded cable ties
  • Designed for easy application and release
  • Prevent slipping
  • Also available in locking, and as push mount cable ties and screw mount cable ties
Hook & Loop - Standard Cable Ties

Hook & Loop - Standard Cable Ties

  • Hook and loop cable ties
  • Ideal for fragile cables
  • Mate together easily – can be released and refastened
  • Reusable cable ties
Stainless steel cable ties – standard, uncoated

Stainless steel cable ties – standard, uncoated

  • Stainless steel cable ties
  • Self-locking cable tie
  • Strong and durable
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
Cable strap

Cable strap

  • Flexible rubber cable strap
  • Cable management straps also available in nylon
  • Can be stretched and wrapped around bundles up to three times
  • Rubber grips the cable, preventing movement
Standard Cable Ties

Standard Cable Ties

Belt Cable Ties

Belt Cable Ties

  • Cable tie belt with flexible design
  • Quick release cable ties with easy-to-use mechanism
  • Ideal for simple bundling of electrical wires

Clips and clamps

Perfect for data cabinets, electronics, white goods, junction boxes and automotive

Use cable clips, wire clips and cable clamps to route cables around your applications and keep the area organized during your manufacturing and assembly processes. This will ensure your project operates safely and as intended. Essentra offers a wide range of choices, from plastic cable clips and wire cable clamps to cable cleats and electrical wire clips. Find out more in our Guide to Choosing the Right Cable Clamps.

FEATURES: Diverse range of mounting options including adhesive base, push-in and screw-down options

SPECIFICATION: Different locking mechanisms and sizes tailored to the number and type of cables being routed

STYLES: Offering P-Clamps, Twist Ties, Wire Saddles and Flat Cable Clamps

Wire Clip - Adhesive Mount, Flexible Steel, Vinyl Coating

Wire Clip - Adhesive Mount, Flexible Steel, Vinyl Coating

  • Adhesive wire clips
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fastened into position with a double-sided foam tape
Wire Clip - Plastic, Adhesive Mount

Wire Clip - Plastic, Adhesive Mount

  • Plastic wire clips – nylon
  • Self-adhesive wire clips
Cable Clips - Extruded Metal Rail

Cable Clips - Extruded Metal Rail

  • Long-term cable management solution
  • Lightweight, no installation tools needed
Cable Clamps – U Style

Cable Clamps – U Style

  • Screw mount cable clamps
  • Designed for fast installation and removal
Cable Clamps - Dual Half U

Cable Clamps - Dual Half U

  • Snap-in cable clamp
  • Low profile for limited-space applications
  • Useful for running two parallel wires
Cable Clamps - Screw Mount, Wire Harness Clips

Cable Clamps - Screw Mount, Wire Harness Clips

  • Easy insertion of cables and locked in place
  • Cables can be removed for wiring replacements

Cord grips

Perfect for outdoor enclosures

Protect electrical equipment and enclosures from the effects of the environment, such as dust and moisture. A cord grip, also known as a cable gland, allows you to run wires out of a sealed environment, without exposing delicate systems to outside elements.

FEATURES: UL approved, EMI noise reduction

SPECIFICATION: Wide range of thread sizes and types

Cable glands

Cord Grips

  • Provides dust and watertight entry for cable into enclosure
  • Available in NPT, PG, and Metric Threads
Cord Grips, Right Angle

Cord Grips, Right Angle

  • Right angle cord grip
  • Provides right angle cable entry into enclosure
  • Dust and watertight
  • Cable strain relief

Conduits and wraps

Perfect for white goods

Unprotected cables are susceptible to unwanted abrasion and impacts. Our conduits and wraps offer the protection you need, ensuring your cables deliver maximum performance. These guides can help you learn more: Guide to Spiral Wrap and The Differences Between Cable Conduit, Wrap, Sleeves and Tubing.

TYPES: Braided, conduit, spiral wraps and slit wraps available

MATERIAL: Diverse material range and diameter and options – suitable for different applications

SPECIFICATION: Split and un-split versions, which allow either more protection or easy access to routed wires and cables

Cable Conduit - Plastic

Cable Conduit - Plastic

  • Flexible plastic conduit for cables – nylon
  • Supports plastic conduit and conduit accessories
  • High impact strength and fatigue life
Cable Wrap - Spiral

Cable Wrap - Spiral

  • Spiral cable wrap
  • Ideal for protecting and securing cables
  • Lightweight and cost effective
  • Crush resistant, flexible and easy to install
Cable Sleeves - Braided

Cable Sleeves - Braided

  • Braided cable sleeve made of open weave construction for easy installation
  • Cut and abrasion resistant
  • Ideal for wire harnessing applications when durability and low cost are essential

You can learn more about this solution with: Braided Cable Sleeve: A Quick Guide

Slit Harness Wrap

Slit Harness Wrap

  • Crush-resistant cable wrap
  • Tough, durable protection for cable looms
  • Protects against damage and wear without restricting flexibility
  • Easy to install with special tool

Cable grommets

Perfect for sheet metal

Sharp edges can damage cables, cutting into their sheaths and insulation. Save on repair costs, while also making the area safe. A damaged cable can lead to electrical shocks or fire. Keep your cables protected with our wide range of solutions, from cable hole grommets to grommet strips.

FEATURES: Different types, including strips, membrane entry and diaphragm

MATERIAL: Grommets that meet high and low temperature requirements with PVC, TPE, EPDM and silicone options

SPECIFICATION: Low profile for applications where aesthetics matter

Grommets – Standard, TPE

Grommets – Standard, TPE

  • Standard grommet protects wires passing through panels
  • Also available as rubber cable grommet, and in other materials
  • Quick fit grommets – snaps in
IP67 Sealing Grommets

IP67 Sealing Grommets

  • IP67 sealing grommet provides dust and watertight seal
  • Ideal for external applications
  • Withstands vibrations
Edge Mount Cable Grommet

Edge Mount Cable Grommet

  • Attach to edges of panels for easy access
  • Routes cable and protects wires from sharp edges
  • Flexible and can accept various diameters and shapes

Know your IP ratings

The more you know, the smarter choices you can make with cable management solutions.

Occasionally, you’ll see solutions with IP ratings (Ingress Protection). IP ratings are mostly used in Europe, but the standard is becoming more common here in the U.S. They’re similar to NEMA ratings and have two digits. The first one tells you the amount of protection products provide against the entry of solid foreign objects, such as dust. The second digit tells you the level of protection against liquids.

1 Protected against a solid object greater than 50mm. 1 Protected against vertically falling drops of water. Limited ingress permitted.
2 Protected against a solid object greater than 12.5mm. 6 Protected against strong jets of water. Limited ingress permitted.
4 Protected against a solid object greater than 1mm. 7 Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m.
6 Dust tight. Zero ingress of dust permitted. 8 Protected against long periods of immersion under pressure.


Download free CADs and try before you buy

Free CADs are available for most solutions, which you can download. You can also request free samples to make sure you’ve chosen exactly what you need. If you’re not quite sure which solution will work best for your application, our experts are always happy to advise you.

Whatever your requirements, you can depend on fast despatch. Request your free samples or download free CADs now.


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