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Hook & Loop - Clamps, Side Opening

In production

A hook and loop material that can mate together easily. These Clamps are ideal for cables that need to be held together securely, but also need to be released and resealed occasionally.

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Product SKUs information
Item Code Price range Availability Colour Hole Type Full Material Type View
$4.9741 - $9.1629 Request the lead time here
No Screw Hole
Polyamide;Low Density Polyethylene;Acrylic
Cinch Strap, Plastic Buckle
Hook and Loop Cinch Strap - Plastic Buckle - Black, PA, No Screw Hole, Cinch Strap, Plastic Buckle


Price Range
$9.1629 - $4.9741

Stock Levels
Request the lead time here
  • Full Material
    Polyamide;Low Density Polyethylene;Acrylic
  • Hole Type
    No Screw Hole
  • Material
  • Type
    Cinch Strap, Plastic Buckle
  • Overall Length
    52.3 mm