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Lämpöstabiloitu Hydrauliikan suojatulpat

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Centre Pull Tab Hose Plug

Varastossa Kysy toimitusaikaa ota-yhteytta

Pull Tab Hose Plugs are designed to plug and seal hose ends. They have ribs that ensure a tight fit when plugging hydraulic lines without straining them. It features a high tensile strength, toughness, and flexibility.

The inside centrally located pull tab enables simple plug insertion and removal, making it a hassle-free alternative. Furthermore, the tapered form allows for the plugging of numerous interior diameters. This plug's snug fit and secure seal effectively prevent dust, dirt, and other impurities from entering the hose, protecting internal components and guaranteeing optimal performance. Commonly used for construction, automotive, and agricultural applications.

  • Material: EVA
  • Colour: Yellow

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Slottex Plugs

Varastossa Kysy toimitusaikaa ota-yhteytta

Slotted Plugs are designed with a double sealing ring on the underside of the flange to provide a secure and reliable seal. They protect from contaminants like dirt, dust, and debris, not trapping liquid and moisture from the hole.

It is easy to install and remove by hand, but its hex head allows the plug to be applied or removed with a spanner, Allen key or socket. The range covers an extensive offering of dimensions suitable for Metric, BSP, and UNF threads. Used in various applications, including hydraulic, pneumatic and general engineering industries.

  • Material: PA, PE
  • Colour: Yellow, Blue

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