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Our Industry 4.0 Hub is packed full of useful and informative content aimed to demystify the fourth industrial revolution.

Get started with our What is Industry 4.0? video, or look back in time with our Industry 4.0 timeline with exclusive interviews from industry experts.

As a passionate global manufacturer, we are aware of the challenges this industrial revolution brings, in fact we are on this exciting journey too. Check back for content updates and of course our progress on this hub page and in our news area.

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What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is now a commonplace term in the manufacturing industry. Since the early 2000s, businesses have been getting to grips with the next stage of the industrial revolution.

Find out more about Industry 4.0 and what it means for manufacturers

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Industry 4.0 global trends

Understand the current Industry 4.0 trends in global manufacturing and what impact coronavirus has had on the progress of the fourth industrial revolution.

US manufacturers have been one of the most ardent adopters of Industry 4.0. Understand more about the many positives Industry 4.0 can bring to US manufacturing.

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Industry 4.0 made simple

Don’t get caught out in a conversation about Industry 4.0 again, here are some of the most common digital industry terms and what they mean.

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Predictions then and now

The last 200 years have brought huge changes to manufacturing. Our article will tell you more about the past, present and future of these trends.