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Moss Express Has Rebranded To Essentra Components

Moss Express is now part of the Essentra Components wide range of plastic injection moulded and metal parts. The heritage of quality and manufacturing expertise compliments the values of Essentra Components, who have worldwide distribution across 29 countries in 4 continents.

Covering a whole range of industries, we now offer protection, finishing and point of sale products to meet the demanding needs of manufacturers. Access thousands of 3D CAD drawings. Try before you buy with our free samples.

History Of Moss Express

Moss manufactured and distributed Protection, Finishing, and Point of Sale products for a wide range of industries and applications. With local offices and distribution across Europe and Asia Pacific, the company was well placed to meet challenging delivery requirements.

Starting from humble beginnings from, the process of production and manufacture of a small batch of moulded grommets began in the garden shed of an enthusiastic toolmaker. Robert Moss of Kidlington, Oxfordshire (England), enjoyed tinkering with machinery in his spare time; however after successfully producing and selling his first batch of moulded grommets in 1955 he decided to start what he thought would be a small family business, trading under the name "Robert Moss Limited".

The customer offering is largely focused on the general protection, finishing and masking range. The wide range of tooling and material available allows Moss the ability to offer an exhaustive range of protection solutions to suit a variety of requirements. The range includes the popular tapered cap, offering a strong, durable and cost effective protection solution that can be used more than once in holes of various sizes; thus helping to reduce waste and keep stock levels to a minimum.

With a daily production rate of 3.3 million parts, the factory runs 24/7 to ensure it maintains the 500 million part stock level for the 16,500 product lines they offer.