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Parker are a global leader in motion and control technologies and they play a pivotal role in applications that have a positive impact on the world. Parker’s unrivalled industrial distribution network extends to approximately 17,000 locations globally and they supply the world with precision-engineered solutions for commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.

Customer: Parker

Industry: Equipment Manufacturing, producing hydraulic fittings

Project: Protection for export industrial hydraulic products in transit

Solution: Threaded Protection Plugs - NPT Threads

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The challenge

Due to exporting products overseas, Parker needed to find a standard solution to protect their industrial hydraulic products, like hydraulic cylinders, in transit. They already used a local supplier for domestic markets but couldn’t guarantee the quality of their solutions for exports. It was important that the solution could meet their lead times, had a good inventory and was within budget. Having built up a relationship with Essentra for over 6 years, Parker turned to Essentra for support.

The solution

Parker needed products which matched the specification of their current components. They had already worked with Essentra Components on previous projects using Threaded Plugs, Bolt and Nut Protection Caps and Pressure Flanges so they knew the supplier could meet the timeframes with their range of standard products.

Essentra Components supported Parker with timely samples, CADs, and technical support, as well as being on hand to visit their factory in Tianjin, China. The answer the teams arrived at: Threaded Protection Plugs - NPT Threads, which matched the thread of their end products.

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Hassle free procurement: Essentra Components was already on Parker’s Bill of Materials (BOM). The threaded plug needed was an off-the-shelf solution and already in stock, which made supplying the components a seamless process to meet their timeframes.

Damage-free exports: Essentra Components’ guarantee of quality gave Parker peace of mind that their export products would arrive without any damage. With the guarantee on every thread size and standard available, Parker could continue to protect its industrial products with confidence.

Time saved: The easy-to-grip heads of the threaded protection plugs allows for efficient application and removal, which makes extracting the plug from the hydraulic pipework faster.

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Ongoing support

Essentra Components’ established relationship with Parker provides them with the peace of mind that they’ll have the support they need. Essentra Components will continue to assist with standard material specification and technical support.

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