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Supporting sustainability goals

Iracroft are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of rigid tube assemblies for a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic and coolant applications. From their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, they support industries that range from construction machinery to subsea equipment. They also supply one of the UK’s largest OEMs, adding to their reputation for innovation.

Customer: Iracroft

Project: Recyclable caps for hydraulics and pipes

Industry: Specialist vehicle manufacturing

Solution: LDPE tear tab caps


The challenge

Iracroft was tasked with helping a customer realise its sustainability strategy. One area Iracroft targeted: the critical hydraulic tubes and pipes that carry oils and other fluids around the vehicles. The customer was using non-recyclable PVC caps for protection during transportation and storage. Iracroft saw the opportunity to switch to a cap that could be chipped and recycled into other parts. This would prevent 2.5 million parts from going to landfill, or around five tonnes of waste.

The solution

Iracroft needed to maintain the integrity and cleanliness that PVC caps made possible. They already had a long, historical relationship with Essentra Components. Consequently, Iracroft knew that their supplier was capable of meeting demanding challenges. Working to a tight timeframe they turned to Essentra Components for a solution that provided the advantages that PVC caps offered, but that could also be recycled.

Essentra Components supported Iracroft with timely samples, CADs, and material data sheets. The answer the teams arrived at: LDPE tear tab caps. Low-density polyethylene is tough and flexible, which makes them an ideal material for caps needed to protect parts from damage and dirt and moisture ingress. It can also be chipped and recycled to manufacture more moldings for the customer's vehicles.


Environmental impact:

Lower carbon footprint – 2.5 million caps are expected to avoid being sent to landfill. Instead, the caps will be chipped and then recycled to re-enter Iracroft’s customer’s supply chain as moldings.

Time saved:

The ease of extracting the tear tab cap from the hydraulic pipework makes the removal process faster. By simply pulling the tab, the cap splits open, tearing away.

Shorter lead times:

The tear tab cap is a standard, off-the-shelf solution, which makes Iracroft’s ability to meet their customer’s needs easier.

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Ongoing support

Essentra Component’s established relationship with Iracroft provides them with the peace of mind that they’ll have the support they need. Essentra Components will continue to assist with standard material specification and technical support.

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