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Top Five Tips For Choosing Cable Management Solutions

Cable management solutions

Proper management of your cables in active and static environments is essential. Cable failures or malfunctions are often the cause of machine downtime, which can have a direct effect on productivity and efficient operations.

Cable Management Tips

Our Top Tips Guide outlines a number of factors you should consider to help select the right cable management for your application.

1) Best way to manage your cables

There are two main functions of cable management solutions; to ensure the protection of cables in application and to guide cables through entry points. Think about your primary cable management requirement.

To maximise operational time of your application and minimise expensive repairs you should look to protect your cables from direct damage. Perfect solutions to protect cables include conduit and strain relief bushes. However, when looking to guide and manage multiple cables you can employ different solutions such as cable ties, clips, cable wraps and grommets. These will help to strategically route cables around your application.

2) Environmental considerations

The environment plays a crucial role when selecting the correct cable management solution. Splitting environmental factors into physical and non-physical is an easy way to outline potential considerations.

Non-physical considerations include solids, liquids
and heat, which can be identified through an IP (Ingress Protection) rating.
Physical considerations include more direct hazards such as abrasion and kinking of your cables. In moving applications you are likely to encounter further physical risks, so consider using a management product that both protects and guides moving cables such as grommets and conduit.

Cable Management Protection

Here are some frequently referenced IP Ratings.

IP ratings table for choosing cable management solutions

3) Cable Installation

Installation requirements are affected by a number of variables such as available space, environmental conditions and mounting limitations of the application. The most important installation factor is usually mounting. When looking to guide cables through an intricate cabinet or machine, having space to mount cable management solutions is essential.

Key points to consider:

  • Panel thickness
  • Hole diameter for securing clips and mounts
  • Surface you will be mounting on – some adhesives will fail on certain surfaces

4) Cable Management Solutions - lifetime guarantee

Some cable management solutions may be for a temporary or semi-permanent timeframe, whereas others are intended for use as a permanent solution.

If you are looking for permanent cable management then think back to environmental factors such as heat. If you are using a permanent adhesive cable mount then heat will potentially affect the product’s lifespan. You may want to consider opting for a fitting method that is not adhesive based that can clip onto your application. However, an adhesive based solution would be perfect when looking for temporary cable management.

5) Cable Colours

Many cable management solutions allow the user to easily identify the function of the cable by the colour used to manage the cable in hand. Think about whether this there is a current industry or business standard that needs to be adhered to.

Your business may have its own system for identification, for example an ATEX cable gland could be used to signify the voltage in an electrical box. You could also use different colours of cable tie or heat shrink tubing to classify cables that go to different machines or carry out differing functions. Being able to easily identify cables can speed up repairs and help to maintain efficient operations.

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