Quick guide: components for metalworking and woodworking machines

Components for wood and metal processing machines

If you’re designing or installing a woodworking machine, such as a band saw, or a metal- processing machine – a surface planer, for example – you’ll need components that can dampen vibration and noise.

Comfort and ease of use should also be a consideration, so think of factoring in ergonomics in your metal processing or wood production process. Your components will see constant use, in some cases, 24/7, so they’ll need to be durable to ensure the machine’s longevity, preventing failure and downtime. Safety for the operator is another concern, so quality should be a priority. Quality components will also ensure the protection of your machine and the product being manufactured.

The components we recommend in this guide are ideal for whatever you’re designing, whether a lathe or a milling machine. That goes for drill press, dovetailer, boring machine, or an Ironworker machine design. Press brake machine components, for example, can also be used on mitring machines, and vice versa. If you’re not sure if a component here is right for your application, we’re happy to answer any questions.

You’ll also need to think about masking solutions for painting the machine’s external panels and walls. Consider our high-temperature masking flangeless plugs and masking tapes. To make your job easier, we’ve made available free samples on most of our solutions, so you can try before you buy. You can also download free CADs of our solutions to help with designing your application.

Metal manufacturing machines

Metal manufacturing machines

The CNC machine manufacturing process can involve many different materials, such as metal, wood, glass and plastic. In this section, we will only refer to metal. If you’re considering components, you already have an idea of how to design a CNC milling machine. Choosing components will influence your design, so here’s a look at the small parts you should consider.

​Stud mount levelling feet

Stud mount levelling feet

Industrial levelling feet with a swivel base adjust to uneven surfaces to level your machining centre. The articulated feet and large diameter pads provide solid levelling and support. Nylon base.

Typically used: underneath machine

​Vibration mounts – heavy duty

Vibration mounts – heavy duty

Similar to screw-on rubber feet, these vibration mounts absorb shock and reduce the noise common in industrial metalworking machinery. High adhesion to the floor and made of TPE. Also available: vibration mount grommets, which act as a buffer and absorb vibrations.

Typically used: underneath machine

​Plastic one-piece pull handle

Plastic one-piece pull handle

Nylon arched-shaped pull handles are lightweight and provide a more stylish ergonomic finish. Our range offers a choice of mounting type: front mounted or back mounted.

Typically used: machine doors

​Metal one-piece pull handle

Metal one-piece pull handle

Solid industrial design with an ergonomic grip and set at a male right angle. Threaded stud mounting. Made of stainless steel. Also available: screw-mount recessed handles.

Typically used: machine doors

​Sealing gaskets

Sealing gaskets

Make sure that door gaskets and seals are one of your CNC machine components. The clip-on profiles offer edge protection and a snug seal. Used on metal sheet, they protect against vibrations and ingress of humidity and dirt. Available in EPDM and PVC. Also available: weather-stripping tape, which also works as gasket tape.

Typically used: inside machine doors and panels

Metal processing machine
​Fan filter set

Fan filter set

Your CNC Machine design will need components for the control panel. The fan, which cools your PCB components, will need to be kept in good working order. Our fan filter set helps you ensure that, with a fan guard, fan filter cover, fan filter mesh sheet, and felt filter. Fan size: 120.0mm.

Typically used: machine control panel

​Fan guards, metal, screw mount

Fan guards, metal, screw mount

Fan guards help protect the computing application of your CNC machine design. They prevent debris from falling into the fan blades and causing an obstruction. Simple to install screw-mount application. Made of steel wire.

Typically used: machine control panel

​PCB support pillars

PCB support pillars

Your PCB hardware components should include PCB spacers mounted on both sides with a low profile two-prong fastener. One side is locking and the other is a releasable snap-fit. Available in a variety of styles. Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 85˚C. Nylon 6/6.

Typically used: machine control panel

​Circuit board installer and extractor

Circuit board installer and extractor

Plastic card guides are strong and rigid with optimum leverage to assist in both inserting and extracting the PCB of your sheet-metal press-tool design. Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 90˚C. Nylon 6/6. UL94 V-2.

Typically used: machine control panel

​Male-to-female standoff

Male-to-female standoff

Self-tapping PCB standoffs are ideal for CNC machining and manufacturing. It simplifies installation by threading straight into panels without the need for nuts or washers. Zinc-plated hardened steel.

Typically used: machine control panel

Metalworking machine
​Adjustable torque hinges – with leaf screw

Adjustable torque hinges – with leaf screw

Basic components of vertical milling machines, adjustable torque hinges hold doors or panels in position. They operate with a single torque adjustment using the stainless-steel screw. Available in different styles, in zinc alloy or nylon, and with maximum rotations of 15˚, 180˚ or 270˚.

Typically used: machine doors

​Adjustable latches

Adjustable latches

Designed for flexibility and the security of metalworking machines. The additional locking button prevents accidental opening and the latch can be fitted using standard M4 fittings. The keeper is supplied with the latch. Made of 304 stainless steel.

Typically used: machine doors and panels

​Cam latches – lift and turn

Cam latches – lift and turn

Ideal as one of your dovetailer machine parts. Low-profile swing handle stows away when not in use. Simple to install, using either a bracket or snap-in fastener. Consists of a slam-action spring-loaded handle. Available in keyed alike, key to differ, or a button to press. You might also consider a flush compression lever latch, which helps seal against vibrations.

Typically used: machine cabinets or electrical boxes

​Handle turn cam latches – L-handle

Handle turn cam latches – L-handle

L-handle cam latch comes with standard key-cylinder locking. Available in black or chrome finish and keyed alike, keyed different or keyless.

Typically used: machinery covers, doors, cabinets and panels

Gear lever

Gear lever

Ergonomic in design with a plastic ball knob, this durable gear lever is perfect as one of your grinding machine parts. Stainless-steel shaft material.

Typically used: external fabrication; for changing gears at a pivot point

Wood manufacturing machines

Wood manufacturing machines

Wood engraving machines, laser wood-cutting machines, wood sanding machines, industrial wood saws – these and other different wood machines will need the same small components.

​Standard cable ties

Standard cable ties

Tough, high-quality cable ties suitable for industrial woodworking machinery. The locking cable tie prevents accidental removal. Available in black and natural. Nylon 6/6. UL94 V-2. Also available: releasable cable ties.

Typically used: inside machines

​Cable clamp

Cable clamp

Will space be limited in your table-saw design or sheet metal press machine design? This adhesive mount U-clip has a low profile, making it ideal for saving space. Good for mounting bundles in corners or along edges. Operating temperature range: 0˚C to 50˚C. Made of PVC. UL94 V-0.

Typically used: mounting bundles in corners or along internal edges

​Open cable grommets

Open cable grommets

Standard grommets snap in place for quick and easy installation. They protect the wires and cables that pass through the panels of your milling machine. Flexible PVC.

Typically used: internal machine panels

​Hose clamps

Hose clamps

Suitable for suction hoses that extract wood dust and chips from wood turning machines and grinding equipment. The house of this worm-drive hose clamp is spot-welded and the torque can be reached with a C7 hexagonal screw. Stainless steel.

Typically used: suction hoses

​Hose and tubing cinch straps

Hose and tubing cinch straps

Hook-and-loop design holds hoses securely. Hoses can be expanded or contracted during start up or shut down of your mitre machine. The heavy-duty version is reinforced with ballistic cordura nylon and is ultrasonically welded to the 1 1/2" hook-and-loop material. Woven nylon webbing with a nickel-plated delrin buckle.

Typically used: heavy-hose assemblies

​Spiral wrap hose protector

Spiral wrap hose protector

Spiralguard® – spiral hose wrap – protects the hoses of your CNC milling machine design with anti-crush control. It also reduces abrasion tear and wear, increasing the life of your hose, minimising expensive downtime and increasing operator safety. Available in black or yellow. Made of HDPE.

Typically used: hoses

Compression cam latches

Compression cam latches

Adjustable compression latches come with a T-handle knob. The added compression provides a more secure seal and improved insulation against noise and vibration conditions commonly generated by bevelling & scribing equipment and deburring machines. IP65 and NEMA 4 rated.

Typically used: machine covers

​Grip knobs

Grip knobs

Fluted knobs provide a firm, ergonomic grip. Stylish, yet functional, these durable knobs fit onto male applications and are resistant to oils, fuels, and greases. Ideal for the mechanical actions required in the woodworking industry. Available in PP.

Typically used: jigs, fixtures and adjustable machine parts

​Blanking plugs

Blanking plugs

Used on sheet metal to protect against sharp edges. They are a quick solution for closing panel cavities in wood carving machines, providing a clean finish. Available in non-staining PVC with excellent aging properties and TPE, which is resistant to oils, acids and alkalises. Also available in nylon and ethylene-butylacrylate copolymer.

Typically used: machine panels

​Rectangular inserts and glides

Rectangular inserts and glides

Inserts and glides protect users from snags while also providing an aesthetic appearance to wood chipping machine, wood lathe machine and CNC wood carving machine designs. Available in LDPE, HDPE, nylon and PE. Also use bolt nut protection caps, which finishes the appearance while protecting industrial wood-cutting machines from tampering.

Typically used: machine fabrication

​Vent plugs

Vent plugs

The wood-production process and wood-bending process generate excessive heat, which makes vent plugs a necessity for cooling fans and moving parts. Available in nylon and stainless steel, in different styles. UL94 V-2.

Typically used: machine fabrication

​Control hand wheel

Control hand wheel – steel

Control the operation of wood milling machines with ease.

Our spoked metal handwheels provide a leveraging hand hold for positioning and adjustment on machine and equipment. The range is fitted with different types of manoeuvring handles to increase safety.

Typically used: machine fabrication

​Tube end grips

Tube end grips

Round ribbed grips are ideal for applications requiring a strong finger grasp. The safety grip handles are flexible and durable material, fitting standard bar sizes and won’t tear, split or shred. Made of PVC.

Typically used: machine handles and levers

​Manual hold-down clamps

Manual hold-down clamps

Horizontal manual hold-down clamps for wood processing methods have a low-height design to save space and cushioned, ergonomic handle grip. The handle and hold-down bar move in opposite directions to provide secure holding capacity. Corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel and PVC.

Typically used: during production

Hand switch

Hand switch

IP50 turn-to-release emergency stop button is designed to be panel mounted in a 22mm cut out. For your on/off capabilities, use our rocker switch, while our range of push button switches can help with your other needs.

Typically used: machine fabrication

Download free CADs and try before you buy

Download free CADs and request free samples, which are available for most of our solutions. It’s a great way to ensure you’ve chosen exactly what you need. If you’re not quite sure which product will work best for your wood or metal-processing machine, our experts are always happy to advise you. Whatever your requirements, you can depend on fast despatch.

Request your free samples or download free CADs now.


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