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Metal In-Line Lift Off Hinges

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Metal in-line Lift Off Hinges are side hinges easy to lift off to remove mounted doors. They have a hinge rotation angle of 180 degree and can be used as left or right hand.

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Lift Off Screw Mount Hinge

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Lift Off Screw Mount Hinges are an easy lift-off function to remove flush mounted doors. The range offers a selection of material to suit application and finishing requirements . They have an hinge rotation angle of 180 degree and can be used as left or right handed. The leaf hinge design is drilled to be screwed to the frame.

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Metal Offset Lift Off Hinges

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These Metal Offset Lift Off Hinges have a 180-degree rotation angle and are designed to provide clearance between the door and the frame, allowing the door to be easily lifted off the hinge pin.

Consist of two leaves and one pin, which are sold separately. One leaf is attached to the door and the other to the frame by a hinge pin that may be taken out of the hinge. They have a strong construction, which ensures their longevity in severe industrial conditions.

May be easily removed by lifting the pin out of the hinge. Ideal for metal doors in enclosures, gates, and tool cabinets. Please use the same material for each pin & leaves you use together.

  • Material: Zamak, Zinc Alloy, Die Cast Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel, Steel, Zinc
  • Colour: Black, Chrome

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