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Stud Mount Kablo Kelepçeleri

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Cable Clamps - Stud Mount, Wire Harness

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Wire Harness Cable Clamp, with a screw or stud mount design. The clamp is easily installed by simply pushing it on to an exposed screw or stud.

The neat and tidy design of the clamp means there will be no protrusions under the chassis. This clamp range provides a secure, but simple fastening solution that is an ideal choice for a range of cable management applications.

The clamp is flexible, which allows for quick and easily release of cable bundles from the assembly. This also allows cables to be added to the clamp, at convenience.

Fits several different threads, including; M4, M5, #8 or #10.

  • Material: Nylon 6/6
  • Colour: Natural
  • UL94 V2 flame rated.

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