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Perçin Montaj Fiber Optik Kablo Yönetimi

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Fibre Guides

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These Fibre Guides, also known as optical or fibre optic guides, can accommodate many low-profile fibre reels for spooling surplus fibre onto a PCB board. It is an entirely modular, adaptable system that provides fibre optic cable management, support, and protection. The guide may be angled in all planes thanks to a unique spine.

Fibre may enter and depart at any point without snagging or kinking, minimising excessive bending or tension that might result in signal loss or cable damage. Angled and straight lugs along the guide keep the fibre from jumping out.

Stacking pillars and standoffs are also available, which may be utilised to stack numerous reels for compact spooling of many fibre lines. Simple to install in three different methods, using their adhesive pad, snap fitting it, or screwing it, all of which aid in keeping components in place. Widely used in telecommunications, data centres, networking infrastructure and other industries.

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