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Stainless Steel Çekme Tutamakları

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Pull Handles - Arch Shaped Metal

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The range of pull handles designed in a round arch-shape have a semi flat profile that makes them ideal when two handles are required on close opening panels.

These lightweight handles are large in their design and are available in a choice of metal materials and aesthetically pleasing finishes. They are rear mounted with two M6 screws.

  • Material: , Steel, Die Cast Zinc Alloy, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
  • Colour: , Black, Natural, Grey, Silver

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Pull Handles - Arch Shape Plastic

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Arch Shape Pull Handles are lightweight and provide a clean finish. This range of handles includes many different sizes and styles to suit a wide range of applications including; electrical and machining, cabinet making, and others. As well as serving a host of sectors, such as; hospitality, health care, transport services, manufacturing and more.

The range features ergonomic options and options that are more geared toward heavy duty applications, like machine applications. The many styles and forms of these pull handles benefit from a wealth of properties such as; impact resistance, stability, weather and UV resistance - this means the range is highly flexible and versatile in not only how they are used, but also in where.

  • Material: PA, Nylon, Reinforced Polyamide Based Technopolymer
  • Colour: Black, Orange, Grey, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, White
  • Front and Rear mounting options

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