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Pull Handles - Bridge Shape Plastic

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This range of Pull Handles have a bridge shape with a rectangular bar. These strong handles are commonly used for both the opening and closure of doors, and for the lids on heavy cabinets.

They are an economical choice that is well suitable to a number of applications and industries, including; railway, machinery, and electrical or industrial equipment.

Our offer features a selection of material and finish options to suit different environments, as well as a choice of pulling strengths and thread styles. The range also has options suitable for front or rear mounting.

  • Material: Duroplast, Thermoplastic
  • Colour: White, Black, Yellow, Natural

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Pull Handles - Metal/Flange Mount

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Flange Mount Hinged Pull Handles are heavy duty spring loaded handles that lay flat when not in use. The handle is made of glass-filled nylon and the spring loaded design returns to the flat position automatically.

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Pull Handles - Spring Loaded

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This range of Spring Loaded Pull Handles are designed to control the returned movement of the handle. The spring allow either an arrestment or a return to position of the handle. They are particularly suited for pulling and or lifting. A choice of shape and material is available to suit various application.

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