Quick guide: industrial components for consumer appliances

Designing household appliances requires you to think about all the small components you’ll need. That can include anything from a refrigerator gasket and washing machine feet to an oven door handle.

We’ve put together this guide to help you determine what you’ll need for the white goods you’re designing. Some fridge components, for example, have multiple applications. The feet you use to level your fridge can also serve as self-leveling washing machine feet. The important determinant here is operating temperature and material, which is especially important for gas or electric oven components. The nylon 6/6 fastener used for a washing machine should not be used on an oven. PEEK, however, can withstand higher temperatures, making it a suitable material for your oven’s fasteners.

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Front and back shots of washing machines displaying industrial components that are used to build them

Washing machine components

Mechanical stresses can cause washing machines to fail, so only use quality components.

​Vinyl-coated cable clamps

Vinyl-coated cable clamps


Consider components that can withstand vibrations common in washing machines. The vinyl coating of this aluminum cable clamp provides a permanent solution to that problem. The lack of vinyl coating on the screw-mount area ensures secure, firm tightening. These P-type cable clamps come in 14 different sizes.

Typically used:

  • Top loader: rear panel
  • Front loader: top panel
P-style cable clamp

P-style cable clamp


Securely store your cable bundles while keeping them neat and organized in this screw-mount cable clamp. Also ideal for tubes and pipes. Can be re-used and secures different diameters. P-clip cable clamps available in black and natural colors. Rated UL94 V-2 and UL94 V-0. Different mounting holes for different screw sizes. Plastic cable clamps made of nylon 6/6.

Typically used:

  • Top loader: rear panel
  • Front loader: top panel
​Membrane entry grommets – edge holding

Edge mount cable grommets

Attach these cable grommets to the edge of panels for easy access when needed, while protecting cables from sharp edges. Ideal for different cable shapes. Available in nylon 6/6. Rated UL94 V-2.

Typically used: rear panel

​Barbed rivets

Barbed rivets

Barbed push rivets enable fast, easy, tool-free assembly, fitting in bore holes with larger tolerances. These plastic push rivets are suited for blind holes or holes with or without screw threads. Made of nylon 6/6. Rated UL94 V-2. Operating temperature range: -40˚F to 185˚F.

Typically used: rear panel

​Spring clips

Vinyl-coated spring clips

Washing machine components can also include this vinyl-coated stainless-steel spring clamp. It secures round cable, ribbon cable and tubing, while providing protection and insulation. It mounts with a screw and is flexible enough that the cable can be inserted and removed without taking out the clip.

Typically used: rear panel

PCB Support - Fir Tree Mount

Snap-lock support

Ideal for a PCB board assembly for an LED washing machine. Blind hole PCB support pillars with flexible blind hole mount lock into round, threaded, punched or drilled blind holes. Fir tree mounts on each side provide locking PCB support. Nylon 6/6, rated UL94 V-2. Operating temperature range: -40˚F to 185˚F.

Typically used:

  • Top loader: front panel
  • Front loader: top panel
​Snap-fit PCB spacer

Snap-fit PCB spacer

These PCB plastic spacers push in to support a heavily loaded PCB hardware design. The flanged base helps keep the spacers steady, even when the washing machine vibrates. Your printed circuit board design does not require through holes to access the underside of the board. Nylon 6/6, rated UL94 V-2. Operating temperature range: -40˚F to 185˚F.

Typically used:

  • Top loader: front panel
  • Front loader: top panel
​Stud mount levelling feet

Stud mount leveling feet

A washing machine not level with the floor will rock back and forth and vibrate excessively, which can lead to mechanical failures. This is why washing machine feet are so important. Stud mount leveling feet with a plastic swivel base adjust to uneven surfaces and level the machine. The articulating swivel and large diameter pads provide solid leveling and support. Steel with a nylon base.

Typically used: bottom panel

​Fir-tree mount cable ties

Fir-tree mount cable ties


These push mount cable ties present a cable tie and a mount all in one for quick and easy mounting, while the fir-tree base provides secure fixing. Fir-tree push mount cable ties offer the additional benefits of fast installation. Non-releasable, nylon 6/6.

Typically used: under motor and top or front panel

​Braided cable sleeve

Braided cable sleeve

Made of PET, this cable sleeve provides 300% more abrasion resistance than standard polyester braided cable sleeves. With exceptional mechanical properties, it’s ideal as one of your washing machine components, protecting hoses and cables.

Typically used:

  • Top loader: front panel
  • Front loader: top panel
​IP67 sealing grommets

IP67 sealing grommets

IP67 sealing grommets stand up to vibrations and provide a dust and watertight seal. Also act as a blanking plug until a cable is installed. Tapered for quick installation. Made of EPDM and rubber.

Typically used: rear panel

Front and back shots of ovens displaying industrial components that are used to build them

Electric and gas oven components

When designing ovens, appliance manufacturers have to integrate different engineering aspects, from electronics and automation systems to heat recovery systems. Here are some of the components needed to bring those designs to life.

​Arrowhead cable tie mounts

Arrowhead cable tie mounts

Arrowhead cable tie mounts provide a secure fastening piece into a panel hole for cable ties to pass through. The addition of the cupped base delivers extra stability and protection from heat, allowing it to easily cope with high temperatures. Space saving with aesthetic qualities and excellent grip. Rated UV94 V-2, nylon 6/6.

Typically used: front panel, with electronics

​Wire saddle, wide

Wire saddle, wide

Also known as wire rope clips, these wire saddles have a snap-in arrowhead mount. Easy to install, securing wires in the back of ovens and microwaves. Non-locking, which allows wires to be removed and reused easily. These wire clips are versatile and available in a range of mounting options. Choose glass-filled nylon to stand up to high temperatures.

Typically used: front panel, with electronics

​Open grommets

Open grommets

Cable grommets made of silicone to stand up to high temperatures, making this an ideal choice for ovens. These are quick-fit grommets, tapered for easy installation to protect cables, wires, tubing and hoses.

Typically used: rear panel

​Socket head cap screw

Socket head cap screw

These hex socket head cap screws are made of PEEK, a heat-resistant material able to withstand high temperatures. The torx head resists cam-out that can happen in other screw heads. Available in numerous sizes and often used with our plastic standard hex nut.

Typically used: front panel


​Pull handle

Pull handle


If you’re going for an industrial look, this is an excellent choice for your oven handle. Made of stainless steel with a glass-filled nylon 6 fixing base to withstand high temperatures, this oven door handle comes in a variety of sizes.

Typically used: door

​Adjustable leveling feet

Adjustable leveling feet

Adjustable oven feet ideal for uneven floors. Steel shell base provides a smooth non-skid surface. Polymer cushion provides shock absorption. Low-carbon steel stud with attractive zinc-plated finish and nickel-plated shell.

Typically used: bottom panel

​Releasable cable tie mounts

Releasable cable tie mounts

These push-mount cable ties are easy to install. The tab releases cables, allowing for easy repairs when needed. Made of nylon 6/6.

Typically used: front panel

​Metal fan guards

Metal fan guards

This fan guard prevents debris falling into the fan blades and accidental obstruction. Ideal for cooling ovens’ electronic applications. Screw mount application is simple to install. Made of steel wire.

Typically used: front panel, with electronics

Front, side and back shots of fridges displaying industrial components that are used to build them

Fridge components

Refrigerators are able to do their job thanks to major components such as condensers and evaporators, just to name a few. But it’s the small fridge freezer components that bring everything together and in turn, make them work.

​Female threaded round standoffs

Female threaded round standoffs

Female-to-female PCB standoffs designed to install by hand and do not require assembly equipment for your fridge PCB. These are standoff insulators, suitable for a range of applications, ideal for use when high mechanical strength is required. Made of nylon 6/6 with brass inserts and rated UL94 V-2. Operating temperature range: -40°F to 185°F.

Typically used: front door

​Heat shrink tubing 3:1

Heat shrink tubing 3:1

Adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing insulates and seals applications such as wire harnesses and splices. Available in a variety of colors to code components, including clear heat shrink tubing. Made of Polyolefin.

Typically used: rear or front panel

​PCB Support Pillars - Stacking/Self Retaining

Male-threaded locking teardrop PCB support


Self-retaining round spacers snap into the refrigerator PCB and maintain spacing even when the screw is removed. This version is stackable for multiple level PC boards. Made of nylon 6/6. Operating temperature range: -40°F to 185°F.

Typically used: front panel

​Cross-head screw caps

Cross-head screw caps

For a finished, aesthetic appearance, Cross Head Screw caps conceal and protect exposed Phillips cross head screw heads. Push fit for easy installation. Made of LDPE.

Typically used: inside refrigerator

​Pull handle

Pull handle

Refrigerator handle with a hint of industrial style. Available in nylon with a steel bar or aluminum bar.

Typically used: doors

​Cable clamp with adhesive base

Cable clamp with adhesive base

Flat cable clamps are ideal for the fridge’s flat or ribbon cables. These mount adhesive cable clamps fasten securely with simple installation. Hinged for quick access with a silicone foam center for additional cable protection. Rated UL94 V-0 and made of nylon.

Typically used: doors

​Rotary damper

Rotary damper

This rotary damper controls the speed and acceleration of movement in parts such as doors and buttons. For example, it can open and shut the ice door on the ice dispenser chute. Simple to install, they can be fitted as part of an assembly. Available in a range of torques and gear profiles. Made of polycarbonate and acetal. Rated UL94 HB. Operating temperature range: -40°F to 212°F.

Typically used: doors

​LED lens holder

LED lens holder

These lens covers for your fridge LED light assembly hold a standard T-1 3/4 LED while transmitting light at a 10 angle. Available with or without a sealing o-ring. Made of polycarbonate and acetal. Rated UL94 V-0. Operating temperature range: -40°F to 266 °F.

Typically used: doors

​Reverse locking support

Reverse locking support

Reverse locking PCB support consists of a snap locking, bayonet nose for fast installation and secure fixing. Suitable for a hole diameter and a maximum panel thickness of one end and a hole diameter and panel thicknesses of the other end. Made of nylon 6/6. Operating temperature range: -40°F to 185°F.

Typically used: doors

Nylon-based adjustable feet

Nylon-based adjustable feet

Fridge adjustable feet are ideal for levelling on uneven floors. Nylon base provides a smooth surface to protect floors. Low-carbon steel stud with attractive zinc-plated finish and nickel-plated shell.

Typically used: bottom panel

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