Conceptole Case Study

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Assembly time cut by 10%

Conceptole are French specialists in the design and manufacture of standardised and custom metal parts and assemblies. Their work encompasses telecom cabinets, street furniture, medical equipment, winegrowing equipment, signage, design, machine wrapping and terminals.

Their forward thinking has enabled their growth and a reputation for quality and reliability. They need those same qualities from their suppliers, which is why they work with Essentra Components.

Customer: Conceptole

Project: Telecom cabinets, urban furniture, electrical cabinets and charging stations

Industry: Metal Design & Fabrication

Solution: Access Hardware, Feet and Cable Management


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The challenge

Conceptole’s cabinet designs called for a variety of components, ranging from access hardware to cable management. On-time delivery of these items was critical to ensuring their processes ran seamlessly. However, the companies they were sourcing components from required long lead times, which threatened their own ability to meet deadlines. Their suppliers were also failing to provide technical support and answer questions. It was time for a change.

Conceptole needed a reliable partner. They met with the Essentra Components team and visited the Roissy-en-France site. Their experience convinced them that Essentra Components was the partner who could provide the proactive support they needed.

The solution

Working to short deadlines, Essentra Components delivered high volumes of stock. This included hinges, locks, gasketing, rails, swing handles, cams, spacers, feet and cable management solutions. To make the service even more hassle free, Essentra Components next delivered the components in kits. These kits contained the components that each cabinet needed, which made for faster assembly during the manufacturing process. Essentra Components' support also included prototyping, free samples and custom and modified products.

Conceptole Cabinet


With Essentra Components’ timely support, Conceptole was able to manufacture their designs with peace of mind and without interruptions to their schedules or processes.


Instead of ordering components separately, Conceptole received kits that grouped together the components needed to produce each cabinet. This reduced assembly time during production by 10%.

Cost savings:

Conceptole received operational savings through the partnership in purchasing, logistics and finance.


With large stocks available to them, Conceptole’s purchasing, logistics and finance departments had an easier time ordering the components they needed. This allowed them to concentrate on the daily running of the business. The kits also addressed another issue, in that components were delivered at the same time, specifically aligned to the needs of the production line. This enabled the production team to be more productive.

Patrick Berthiaud, Company Director, Conceptole Quote

Ongoing support

Essentra Components remains committed to Conceptole and continues to deliver high-quality components quickly against their required lead times. Essentra Components also provides support in other areas, such as working with Conceptole’s R&D department in the prototyping stage to find the best solutions and components for their applications. Essentra Components consistently provides crucial technical support, where they had none previously. As their needs are consistently met, Conceptole has committed to consolidating their purchasing with Essentra Components.


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