Vestel Case Study

Vestel Smartboard appliance

Vestel is a leading global manufacturer of household and B2B appliances and devices. When responding to a national tender from the Ministry of Education to install Smartboards in schools in Turkey, Essentra supported Vestel by providing a custom locking solution to ensure the safety and security of the product and its users.


INDUSTRY - Equipment Manufacturing

PROJECT - Locking system

SOLUTION - Vestel protect their Smartboards from damage and misuse with Essentra’s custom locking solution


Vestel was awarded the contract by the Ministry of Education to supply Smartboards in 350,000 class rooms in both primary and secondary schools across the region. After installation, Vestel received a number of reports that the Smartboards were being damaged by sliding whiteboards that could be moved across, concealing the Smartboard screen. As students could easily move the whiteboard revealing the Smartboard behind, use of it was unregulated and access to the internet was also unrestricted. The resulting damage to the LCD screens rendered the Smartboards unusable, and led to the schools having to pay for costly repairs.


Vestel's custom lock


Essentra understood the significance of reputation when providing Vestel with an effective and permanent locking system to prevent the free movement of the sliding whiteboards. By securing the whiteboard in place the solution would also restrict unauthorised use of the Smartboards, protecting both the equipment and the students. Essentra’s R&D experts worked closely with Vestel to provide a full and in-depth design and prototyping service, producing a range of 3D CAD and 3D printed samples. The company was then able to test thoroughly the effectiveness of each locking system prototype, the results of which enabled Essentra to further enhance the lock by modifying the prototype to improve the locking pin strength and ensure that the catch was able to rotate 180 degrees.

“The design and prototyping process was absolutely key to the success of this project. At each stage of the design, 3D printing and development, the support provided by Essentra’s experts was second to none.” Serdar Esme – Mechanical Technician Manager


Through dedicated design, prototyping and development Essentra’s experts were able to provide Vestel with a robust and secure custom solution to meet their specific requirements.

Vestel's improved Smartboard protection

Safety & Security: By restricting access to the Smartboard the lifetime of the product has been significantly increased alleviating any cost incurred by the school for repairs.

Reassurance: The customised locking system reduced student misuse of the whiteboards, preventing damage to the Smartboards and unauthorised student access to the internet.

Quality: The robust and reliable build of the locking system had led to the total elimination of misuse of the sliding whiteboards in schools, which in turn protected the Smartboards.

“Thanks to the robust and reliable build of the locking systems provided by Essentra, misuse of the sliding whiteboards in schools has been totally eliminated, which in turn has protected the Smartboards.” Taylan Bedelci – Mechanical Engineer

Productivity: By ensuring that use of the sliding whiteboards and Smartboards was limited only to supervised activities productivity, application and concentration of students has significantly improved as the locking system limits the improper use of the sliding whiteboards and Smartboards.

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