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Masking - A quick buyers guide

3 minutes | 29 Oct 2018


Masking is an essential part of the production and finishing process for manufacturers, fabricators and machine builders.

However, mastering this process can be a challenge. The key to success: select an appropriate material suited to your operating temperature and application process. Whether it be shot blasting, powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, plating or wet painting - there's a suitable masking cap, masking plug or masking tape for your needs.


Makes the process more efficient with quick and easy-to-apply solutions. One size fits multiple holes, which saves valuable time masking.

FEATURES: Reusable for better value and available as a solid plug or a hollow core to aid in compression

MATERIAL: EPDM and Silicone masking plugs handle operating temperatures up to +180°C and +300°C

SPECIFICATION: Prevent contamination with high chemical resistance. EPDM comes in black, Silicone available in multiple colour-coded sizes


A reusable and cost-effective all-rounder perfect for protecting studs, pins and tube ends.

FEATURES: Maintain colour conformity in the masking process with your choice of a variety of colours

MATERIAL: EPDM (+180°C) and Silicone (+300°C ) material options offer perfect solutions, whether you’re wet painting or high temperature baking

SPECIFICATION: Over 200 variations make it easy to find just the right diameter and height needed for any application


Make your life easier using pull tabs to pull though threaded and un-threaded through holes.

FEATURES: Enhance efficiency in your production process by saving time with pull-tabs for fast installation and removal

MATERIAL: Choose from Silicone (+300°C ) or EPDM (+180°C), depending on the application. Both safely protect during anodizing, shot blasting and painting

SPECIFICATION: The pull plug series has compatible hole diameters ranging from 1.6mm to 35.1mm


Efficiently hang your products during the finishing process. Perfect for hanging sheet metal of machinery in painting, surface treatments and material handling.

FEATURES: Offered in various styles, shapes and lengths

MATERIAL: Round and square cold drawn spring steel to allow the passing of a current

SPECIFICATION: Available in ‘C’, ‘S’, ‘V’ and 90 degree hook configurations with holding capacities up to 100kg


Caps or plugs can’t cover irregular shapes. That’s the job of masking discs and tapes, which remove cleanly and leave no residue.

FEATURES: Delivered as a continuous roll or masking discs

MATERIAL: Produced in Polyimide, Polyester, Silicone, Fibreglass Cloth, Crepe Paper, with operating temperatures up to +260°C

SPECIFICATION: Available for a wide range of applications and temperatures


There are many variables involved, such as temperature and hole diameters. We recommend that you request a free sample to test your application. The guide below gives you some guidance. For complete service temperature and other physical properties, ask us for the material’s technical data sheet.*

* Please note that due to the number of variables in each process, we recommend that a free sample is requested to test in application. We do not assume any liability for the materials, specifications or information provided. For complete service temperature and other physical properties of our product’s material, please refer to the actual product material technical data sheet (available upon request).

Download your Masking Buyer's Guide