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Shaft Collars - Threaded Bore Clamp

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A Shaft Collar, sometimes called a Shaft Clamp or a Collar Clamp, is a simple but vital machine component. Collar Clamps are most commonly used in power transmission applications, such as in motors and for gearboxes. Shaft Collars can also be used as mechanical stops, locating components and as bearing faces. Shaft Clamps have a simple but effective design, which makes them easy to install.

Our Threaded Shaft Collar with Set Screw range is made of Steel with a black appearance. The holding power of a Set Screw Collar is provided by the impingement of the screw into the shaft.

Our range has three types to choose from; Type 1 is a Full Set Collar with a grub screw DIN 553, Type 2 is a Semi-Split Collar and Type 3 is a Split Collar - both with a head screw DIN 912.

  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black

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