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Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts

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Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts are designed for use with Joint Connector Bolts, where a right-angle connection is required. M6 and M8 thread size options are available.

M6 nuts are supplied in Zinc Alloy for a cost-effective solution. M8 nuts are supplied in Steel for additional strength. The M8 nuts can be used where heavier applications are needed, such as on boards of 22mm thickness and upwards.

The nut has a crossed driver and can therefore be used with a cross-head screwdriver.

  • Materials: Zinc Alloy and Steel
  • Colour: Natural

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Cam Lock Nuts

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Cam Lock Nuts are usually used in furniture and cabinet making industries. They are used to create a secure joint when assembling and connecting furniture. They feature a cross-shaped driver type.

The Cam Lock Nut is inserted into a pre-drilled hole found in one one of the furniture panels, such as a wooden board. They are then tapped into place with a hammer. They are self-locking to prevent rotation during hand or automatic assembly.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Finish Options: Nickel Plating, Zinc Plating (Zamak), Collinox Light Plating or No Finish

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