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Composants passifs en ferrite

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Ferrite Toolbox

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Our ferrite toolbox includes a selection of 30 different product patterns, from ferrite rings, ferrite toroids and split ferrite cores to ferrite beads. It was designed specifically for engineers and its compact and well-organized storage makes it ideal for testing, prototyping and material comparison.

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Flat Cable Ferrite Cores

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Flat Cable Ferrite Cores have a special design that helps eliminate noise on flat cables. They work by blocking the low-frequency noise and absorbing the high-frequency noise that emit from signal lines or power cables. This makes them ideal for use in electromagnetic emissions suppression and for radio frequency interference.

Our range are available in various insert lengths and MHz Impedances. They come in various types that are suitable for Flat and Ribbon Cables.

  • Ferrite Material: A5 and K5B (RMS-303)
  • Casing Material: Nylon 6/6 RMS-244
  • Clip and Spring Material: Stainless Steel RMS-305
  • Colours: Black and Grey

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Ferrite Sleeves

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A range of solid and split Ferrite Sleeves, which can be used as suppression cores and shielding beads for round cables. They are available for a wide range of cable diameters.

Split Ferrite Sleeves (or cores) are clamp type sleeve that are used as suppression cores. They feature A5 material cores that are installed around a cable. They are ideal for making estimations in EMI precaution and attenuate any form of EMI emission. The polyamide case simplifies assembly of the core in equipment, where retrofit and testing is a necessity. The high performance magnetic material allows for protection from unwanted EMI radiation , without affecting the wave forms, in digital equipment. They can be used for personal computers, word processors, fax machines, display equipment, photocopiers, and computer consoles. This protection ensures immunity against transmission and other types of noise in such equipment, which is essential. They can be mounted on to both a cable with a connector and a wired harness. They binding band ensures the cable is securely fixed.

Solid Ferrite Sleeves are a broad selection of shielding beads that guarantee impedance specifications over a wide frequency range. This range includes options that are mainly applied to wire assemblies and the MATV CATV industries. The range also includes options with a ring configuration that provides greater utilisation of the ferrite material properties, which can be used for a wide frequency range and are mainly used as multi-turn suppression cores.

  • Ferrite Materials: A5, 3A5, G7 and K5B
  • Casing Material: Polyamide 6.6 (PA)
  • Colour: Black
  • UL94 V0 Flame Rated

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Ferrite Beads

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Ferrite Beads are commonly used in electronic circuits as a way to suppress high-frequency noise and other high-frequency disturbances that may arise. These passive devices improve power quality for PCB's.

Our range of ferrite's come in single or multi-pass configurations and a choice of types, including; Wound Beads, Axial, Multi-line Suppressor and Toroid.

  • Ferrite Material: K5B RMS-303
  • Adhesive: RMS-301
  • Wire: RMS-306, RMS-307 and RMS-308
  • Colour: Black

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