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Paper Masking Plugs

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Paper masking plugs are versatile and efficient masking solutions designed to protect and seal off openings during painting, coating, or surface treatment processes. These plugs are made from high-quality paper material, known for its excellent conformability and ability to withstand various chemical substances. The unique design of paper masking plugs allows for easy insertion and removal, ensuring a tight and secure fit in a wide range of hole sizes and shapes. They effectively prevent paint, primer, or other coatings from entering or contaminating areas that need to remain untouched.

The main characteristics of paper masking plugs include their flexibility, durability, and compatibility with different surfaces. These plugs are highly flexible, allowing them to conform to irregular shapes and contours. The paper material used in their construction ensures durability, even when exposed to harsh chemicals or solvents. The plugs' versatility allows them to be used on a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, glass, and wood.

  • Material: Crepe Paper
  • Colour: Brown

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