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Castor Fittings

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A mixture of Castor Fittings, including; castor fitting plates, metal or plastic sockets, gripneck and threaded stems. Compatible with castors with a blind hole mount. Choose according to desired attachment method and size of castor mounting holes. A choice of material options to suit your application needs.

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Pull Tight Seals - Barbed Strap

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An all-plastic range of pull-tight seals with a barbed strap that is ideal for gripping slippery materials. They provide an indicative seal revealing evidence of tampering or breach, and can therefore help in the prevention of theft. The seals are commonly used for easy identification of delivery details to help improve efficiency. They are suitable for many applications, including those that are more robust in nature.The range includes several type options, including those with a tear-off tab for quick and easy removal that is tool-free. The type options are; AceLock, LightLock, PrimeLock and SentryLock.

PrimeLock is a cost-effective, tamper evident seal with a tag-holder included. It features a one-piece variable loop construction with unique spiky stem design that enhances grip of the seal. It also has side tear-off and long tag options. The longer tags are ideal for barcode printing. PrimeLock are typically used for secure fastening to the neck of bags or on non slippery materials. Benefits from quick identification of information and easy removal of the seal, without the need for cutting tools.

LightLock is specially developed for marking fire extinguishers after testing and features a low break strain for easy removal in emergencies. Has one-piece variable construction for a low tensile strength and a thin barbed sealing ribbon (2.6mm diameter). These seals are ideal for applications with small sealing apertures. Colour coding allows easy identification and they also benefit from tool-free removal.

AceLock is a versatile pull-tight seal that's ideal for applications confined to small sealing spaces. Easy to use and no tools are needed for installation or removal. Features variable loop design that is reinforced with an acetal locking mechanism, which bolsters security and protects against heat-sourced tampering. Also features a thin barbed sealing ribbon (3.0mm) and has side tear-off opt