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Shoulder Washers

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Shoulder Washers, also known as Insulation Sleeves or Shoulder Bushes, are designed to provide electric and heat insulation for assemblies where this is a fundamental requirement. A type of stepped washer, they are made from a variety of materials and colours, these products are self lubrication, corrosion and abrasion resistant.

The step washer offering features shoulder bushes made from Nylon 6/6, These nylon sleeve washers are a self-lubricating option, great for anything that pivots or rotates. The are low coefficient of friction, and resistant of moisture, dirt and most chemicals. We also have a countersunk sleeve that is frequently applied in electro technical environments, and is compulsory by law in many countries. It prevents electrical corrosion with countersunk head screws.

Perhaps our wide selection of Insulation Sleeves is more suitable for your project needs? Made from a choice of natural Nylon 6 or black Nylon with a glass-fibre compound; these sleeves prevent contact with conducting materials, prevent parts from vibrating loose, and accurately locate and space assemblies.

Our nylon shouldered washers range extends with a selection of Locking and Sealing Washers. Locking and sealing types are sold separately. Screw Insulators available in a range of sizes, as well as high temperature options. The high temperature insulators also have options made from Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS). Or just keep it simple and browse our wide range of shoulder washer and insulating washers, that have flame resistance to a UL94 V2 standard.

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Castor Fittings

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A mixture of Castor Fittings, including; castor fitting plates, metal or plastic sockets, gripneck and threaded stems. Compatible with castors with a blind hole mount. Choose according to desired attachment method and size of castor mounting holes. A choice of material options to suit your application needs.

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