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Toothed Lock Washers - External

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External Tooth Lock Washers have been developed for locking screws, bolts and nuts in place, and offer ideal prevention for the loosening of PCB spacers caused by vibrations.The Tooth Lock Washer, also known as an Electrical Contact Washer, has tooth-like serrations on the external diameter that help the toothed washer prevent bolted joints from loosening, through the use of friction.

Our stainless steel toothed washers offer good corrosion and wear resistance. The zinc plated external tooth washer option, is ideal for applications where a high mechanical strength is needed. The lower material cost makes it an alternative to brass, when conductivity is not a critical issue.

Material: Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, SteelColour: Natural, WhiteDIN 85

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Castor Fittings

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A mixture of Castor Fittings, including; castor fitting plates, metal or plastic sockets, gripneck and threaded stems. Compatible with castors with a blind hole mount. Choose according to desired attachment method and size of castor mounting holes. A choice of material options to suit your application needs.