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Lobed Hand Knobs

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Male Lobed Hand Wheels & Knobs have a scalloped edge to allow for maximum grip and comfort. These durable lobed knobs are impact and chemical resistant and provide a neat appearance for finished applications that require adjustment.

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Quick Tightening Knurled Knobs

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Quick Tightening Knurled Knobs features a knurled surface that allows for a better grip and easier turning. It can be quickly tightened or loosened using only your fingers without requiring additional tools by only a slight clamping force. This can save time and effort in situations where changes are required regularly.

The knob is inserted obliquely on the threaded stud and then placed in the axial position to fit onto the stud threads. At this point, it can be locked with a small rotation.

These are widely utilised in a variety of industrial applications, including in automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment.

  • Material: Turned and burnished steel, blackened.
  • Tensile strength class 5.

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