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Silicona Capuchones y tapones cónicos

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High Temperature Tapered Plugs

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High Temperature Tapered Plugs are available as a solid plug or with a hollow core to aid in the compression to fit threaded or unthreaded holes. Its tapered design enables the plug to expand and adapt to the shape of the hole as it is heated, ensuring a firm and tight fit even at high temperatures. Its hardness and strength block gas, water, or chemicals from entering pipes or tubes. These reusable plugs come in a premium high temp silicone material or an economical reduced temp EPDM material.

Silicone: high-quality masking material that can withstand temperatures up to 600F | 316C. EDPM is a reusable and somewhat less expensive material, making it slightly less resistant to high temperatures but of superior chemical resistance. It can withstand temperatures up to 425F | 218C. Used in chemical, machining applications and industrial equipment.

  • Material: Silicone, EPDM, TPR
  • Colour: Natural, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink

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Covered Tapered Plugs

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Covered Tapered Plugs are designed to ensure a secure fit due to their convex sides and protect from contaminants, debris and damage. It features a push fit style that makes it easy to use and remove.

Used in a variety of applications, including blind holes, pipes, furniture or electrical boxes. They are reusable due to the material from which they are constructed without affecting the effectiveness of the sealing.

  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Grey, Yellow, Green, White, Red, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Clear

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