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Our History

History in the making at Essentra Components

We’ve been manufacturing for a long time. The journey of the Essentra Components’ parts started in 1955 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Since then, we’ve continued to grow our plastic injection moulded capabilities and expertise. Now found in 29 countries, we constantly look to expand our manufacturing knowledge, plastic injection moulding capabilities and customer reach. Rebranded as Essentra Components in 2013, we are proving our expertise and heritage of quality with every single part we manufacture and distribute to our customers across 4 continents.

Historically we’ve grown up through acquisition and organic growth. We continue to demonstrate a strong competitive position in the various international markets within which we operate.

We have made significant investments in new global production and service capabilities in countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico and the US. This ensures that we can supply our customers wherever they are in the world.

Here’s our milestones and history of Essentra Components:


Acquisition of Innovative Components

Acquisition of Innovative Components Inc., headquartered in Chicago, US, Innovative Components is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of knobs, pins and handles in North America for a broad range of end-markets.


Acquisition of Hertila

Acquisition of Hertila, a leading manufacturer of plastic components. The acquisition expands the Components division’s product range and adds manufacturing capacity in Scandinavia.


Acquisition of Micro Plastics

Acquisition of Micro Plastics, based in Arkansas, US, a leading manufacturer and distributor of nylon fasteners and other plastic components for a wide range of industrial end-markets - including general industrial, automotive and white goods.


Acquisition of Specialty Plastics

Acquisition of Specialty Plastics, based in Australia, a leading distributor of plastic protection and finishing products, hardware and specialist masking solutions.


Acquisition of Abric

Acquisition of the operating subsidiaries of Abric Berhad, based in Malaysia, a global leading manufacturer and distributor of security sealing products and solutions for use in a diverse range of growing end-markets.


Acquisition of Kelvindale

Acquisition of Kelvindale Products Pty Ltd, based in Australia, a leading manufacturer and distributor of an extensive range of plastic protection and finishing products.


Acquisition of Mesan

Acquisition of Mesan Kilit A.S., the leading Turkish manufacturer and distributor of a range of locks, hinges, latches and hardware accessories for use in a wide variety of attractive growth end-markets.


Acquisition of Ulinco Components AB

Acquisition of Ulinco Components AB, based in Sweden, a leading distributor of plastic protection and finishing products, hardware and specialist masking solutions in the Nordic region.


Acquisition of Richco

Acquisition of Richco, Inc, based in Chicago, a leading international designer, manufacturer and distributor of engineered plastic and elastomeric solutions for fastening and cable management applications.


Acquisition of Reid Supply

Acquisition of Reid Supply, based in Muskegon, Michigan, a leading distributor of standard industrial components to a vast range of markets and customers via catalogues.


Acquisition of Skiffy

Acquisition of the Skiffy Group, based in the Netherlands, which provides expertise in the manufacture and supply of small nylon parts for protection and finishing applications.


Formation of Moss Plastic Parts

Formation of Moss Plastic Parts, Moss manufactures and distributes protection and finishing products for a wide range of industries and applications.