Your guide to electrical tape colours

Coloured electrical tape

Electrical tape is a popular cable management solution, used to insulate wires that conduct electricity. It comes in a variety of colours, but the reason has nothing to do with aesthetics.

Each colour has a purpose. Black is generally used as an insulating electrical wire.

Other colours are known as ‘phasing tapes’. These colours indicate the voltage level and phase of the wire. Phasing tapes are used on wires that only come with black insulation. If those wires need to be phased, a ring of tape is placed on each end near the termination to make the purpose of the wire known.

Here’s a look at what the different tape colours mean:

Tape colour Usage (U.S.) Usage (U.K.) Usage (International, new)
Black Insulation Low voltage, phase A Insulation / low voltage, neutral Low voltage phase B
Red Low voltage, phase B Low voltage, phase B Sheath, 415 V 3 phase
Blue Low voltage, phase C Low voltage, phase C Low voltage, neutral Sheath, 230 V
Brown High voltage, phase A   Low voltage phase A
Orange High voltage, phase B   Sheath, garden tools
Yellow High voltage, phase C Low voltage, phase B Sheath, 110 V Site wiring
Green Earth Earth  
Green with yellow stripe Isolated ground   Earth
White Low voltage, neutral    
Grey High voltage, neutral   Low voltage, phase C


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