Open Grommets
An open grommet is a product designed to provide protection to wires and cables as they pass through an opening in an enclosure. The flexible hole grommet is shaped like a donut. This typically rubber grommet is pushed straight into the hole, with the cable being fed through the inner hole of the grommet. We also have a quick fit flexible grommet with one side having a tapered edge to further facilitate easy application of the grommet. These flexible grommets are offered in a number of different materials. We have rubber grommets in Styrene Butadiene Rubber and also Silicone Rubber. Some of our rubber grommets have an operating temperature range up to 225 degrees C. We also offer flexible PVC, TPE and TPV materials.

NAS1368 Flip Grommets

A flip grommet is an open grommet that meets NAS1368 standards. This rigid grommet isinstalled by inserting the "un-flipped" grommet into the hole. Using a forming die (not supplied by Essentra) on each side of the hole are pressed together until the grommet "flips" over itself, creating a flange on both sides of the hole.

What is a Grommet?

Wires often need to exit an enclosure to transmit signals to other devices or power units. The entrance and exit points of an enclosure pose real potentials for wire damage. One can never be assured the holes of an enclosure, through which your wires will pass, will be clean, smooth, and without sharp edges. The potential wear and tear on a wire as it passes through these holes could cause wire damage to the point of actual wire exposure. Wire exposure could lead to potential system shortage and eventual over all device failure. We offer a wide variety of grommets that will eliminate this potential risk.

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Open Grommets Results

Open Grommet Assortment Kit
Open Grommet Assortment Kit: 2 Product Variations
Open Grommet Assortment Kits include an assortment of grommets protect wires, cables, and tubing passing through panels and enclosures. The kits are available with I.D.’s of 1/8”-1/2” or 1/2”-3/4” and are supplied in a metal box drawer.
Open Grommets - Hole Grommets
Open Grommets - Hole Grommets: 151 Product Variations
Open Hole Grommets are made of a flexible material to easily install into holes in panels and enclosures. These grommets protect wire, cables, and tubing by covering raw-edged holes and creating a smooth pass-through.
Open Grommets - NAS1368 Flip Grommets
Open Flip Grommets are pressed together with forming dies until they flip over themselves to create a flange on both sizes of the hole. These grommets meet NAS 1368 standards to protect wires, cables, and tubing passing through holes. Forming dies are not supplied.
Open Grommets - Quick Fit Grommets
Open Grommets - Quick Fit Grommets: 45 Product Variations
Open Quick Fit Grommets are made of a flexible material with a tapered end to quickly snap into holes in panels and enclosures. These grommets cover raw-edged holes to create a smooth pass-through for wires, cables, and tubing.