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The World of Medical Equipment

How do Essentra help the medical sector?

Small parts with a big impact

The rapid adoption of medical devices across hospitals and surgical centres is driving the global market. The current high growth is driven by the aging population, the rising prevalence of chronic disorders, the demand for preventive healthcare and the expansion of healthcare infrastructure, especially in emerging nations.

That’s where we can help. Our technical expertise and distribution capability allows us to serve in excess of 3,000 manufacturers in the medical sector.

I am Koen, your contact person at Essentra for all your components in the medical industry. At Essentra we produce and supply more than 45,000 different small but essential parts, also for the medical industry.

Here you will find a small selection of our offer to give you an idea. Do you not immediately see what you are looking for, would you like more information about certain components, or would you like to receive samples? Please fill in the contact form below, I am sure we will find a solution together!

koenvanlinder business development -medical

Koen van Linder

+31 (0)497 572 002

Dragonder 3

5554 GM Valkenswaard


sample box for medical components

Medical Applications

Medical Furniture

Essentra provide a vast range of componenets for medical furniture. From hospital beds to medical cabinets, we have a solution to fit your needs. 

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Hospital bed
Patient equipment image showing monitors

Patient Care Equipment

Almost all patient care equipment needs to be moved quickly, quietly and precisely. We have a huge range of components to fit these requirements. 

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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment is essential in the medical field. Whether you need a hygienic graded solution or to reduce noise and vibration, we have a number of suitable products. 

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Laboratory Equipment

How have Essentra helped customers in the medical field?

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In a race against time, Essentra Components gave us a seamless, hassle-free experience. Their wide range of products, expertise and ability to meet our tight deadlines made them an easy choice to support our challenging project.”

— Mike Barlow, Materials Manager, Penlon Ltd

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