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Aluminium Tube Inserts

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Rectangular Threaded Inserts & Glides - Metal

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Our range of Threaded Inserts and Glides come in a variety of options. Inserts are placed into the cavity at the end of pipes and tubes to provide a clean and neat finished appearance. Inserts also offer surface protection, and prevent the ingress of dirt and other contaminants.

These inserts can be used in a range of standard or heavy duty applications, but are ideally used with adjustable feet, tilt glides and castors.

Available are all-metal inserts, and plastic inserts with a metal nut. The metal threat provides a secure fit and allows for smooth repeatable adjustment of the insert. The plastic inserts come either as a single piece or a two-piece moulding. The two-piece mouldings fit neatly together to fit into tubes.

  • Materials: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Aluminium.
  • Colours: Black and Natural

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Round Threaded Inserts

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Round threaded inserts and glides come in a variety of options and styles. Spring Threaded inserts and glides are available which are quick fit installation parts for tube ends. The Spring Threaded Inserts are spring loaded for round and square tubes and the Spring Threaded Tube Connectors are knock-in inserts for connecting tubes. They are threaded for a secure screw fixing. Standard Threaded Inserts can be used with either adjustable feet (SR 1572) or adjustable tilt glides (SR1575). For the type 2 Round inserts M8 and M10 thread sizes are available and they are suitable for wall thicknesses of 1.0-2.0mm. Metal-Threaded Inserts are another heavy duty insert option. There are ideal for use with adjustable feet, tilt guides and castors. M8 or M10 threads with mild steel holding nut provides a strong fixing. The metal thread allows for a smooth repeatable adjustment and the two piece mouldings fit neatly together to fit into the tubes Heavy Duty Round Threaded Inserts are also available with an interference fit. They are designed for use with machine feet and are heavy duty for high load capacity

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