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Bayonet PCB Mounting Pillars

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Cupped Base PCB Supports

This range of PCB supports has a cupped bottom fixture that adds extra stability and covers the fixture. They are available in two locking style tops, bayonet or teardrop.

PCB Support Pillars - Fir Tree Mount/Snap Fit

These spacers have a fir tree fixing on one end and a releasable bayonet nose on the other. The blind hole mount is flexible and will lock into round, threaded, punched or drilled blind holes

PCB Support Pillars - For Key Hole/Bayonet Nose

PCB pillars with a bayonet nose design, suitable for key hole.

PCB Support Pillars - Quarter Turn

The standard snap lock support is ideal for quick assembly in PCB stacking applications and the quarter turn fastening aids the ease of application

PCB Support Pillars - Reverse Locking/Snap Fit

These reverse mount supports re installed from the underside of the chassis. They have a thin buttonhead for minimal protrusion under the chassis. The top of these is a snap-fit design allowing the PC to be removed.

Self Adhesive PCB Supports

Adhesive Base Supports come with a double sided adhesive tape with a release tab for quick installation. They come with three options for PCB mounting: Snap locking, non-locking and flat rest.