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PCB Support Pillars - Two Prong Snap Lock/Two Prong Snap Lock/Spring

In production

These unique supports act as a spring the the pin is inserted into the spacer. The part flexes and can provide continuous support to the PCB

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Product SKUs information
Item Code Price range Availability Hole Diameter A Colour Material Hole B Fix Type Operating Temperature Range Hole A Fix Type Spacer Length View
0.1349 USD - 0.1495 USD 1852 In stock
4.8 mm
Locking Two Prong Fix
Locking Two Prong Fix
15.9 mm
PCB Support - Locking Two Prong Fix ; Locking Two Prong Fix ; Natural ; Acetal ; 15.9 mm | 0.626 in


Price Range
0.1495 USD - 0.1349 USD

Stock Levels
1852 In stock
  • Colour
  • Full Material
  • Hole A Fix Type
    Locking Two Prong Fix
  • Hole B Fix Type
    Locking Two Prong Fix
  • Material