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PCB Support Pillars - Reverse Locking/Flat Rest Mount

In stock

These reverse mount supports re installed from the underside of the chassis. They have a thin buttonhead for minimal protrusion under the chassis. The top of these flat requiring nop through hole to support heavily loaded PC Boards.

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Product SKUs information
Item Code Price range Availability Hole B Fix Type Hole A Fix Type Maximum Panel Thickness B Spacer Length Buy
0.0493 USD - 0.0547 USD 1000 In stock
Snap Lock
1.6 mm
16.2 mm
Reverse Locking Support - Flat Mount - 16.2 mm | 0.638 in ; UL94 V-2 ; Nylon


Price Range
0.0547 USD - 0.0493 USD

Stock Levels
1000 In stock
  • Colour
  • Hole A Fix Type
  • Hole B Fix Type
    Snap Lock
  • Material
  • Dome Width
    6.0 mm