Hose Protection
Essentra Components offers a full line of protective coverings for your valuable hose assemblies. From wraps, sleeves, point of contact protectors, and even fire protection sleeves we have your securing and bundling covered.

Hose Wraps

Tectorguard™ hose guard wrap is made of high-density polyethylene making it a strong barrier against abrasions, crushing, and ultraviolet rays that regularly destroy expensive hoses. Its strong and flexible design makes it safe to install either before or after the hose assembly is mounted and has a double beveled design to prevent snagging or cutting during installation.[more][less]
Essentra Spiralguard™ is a flame retardant, antistatic series of spiral wrap hose cover that is Mine Safety approved (MSHA). Spiralguard™ offers exceptional anti-crushing performance, high abrasion resistance, and good resistance to UV rays. This spiral cut tubing is suitable for protection of most types of hydraulic, pneumatic, and industrial hose assemblies across a wide range of industries.

Our lightweight and flexible spiral wrap hose protector has a unique design profile that covers much more surface during bending than any other wrap. The inner core assures flexibility while the external profile provides resistance to abrasion and electrical conductivity.

Hose Protection Sleeves

Hose and cable protective sleeves defend people, machinery, and the environment against leakage or spills. Essentra textile sleeves can be used to protect one wire braid hose or bundle two wire braid hoses.

Quick assemble hose sleeves are manufactured from nylon with a urethane coating on one side. This creates a product to be used in the field for application where the winding of spiral-formed products is difficult. The urethane coating makes this sleeve resistant to heat, ozone, and abrasion.

Mine Safety approved (MSHA) sleeves provide optimum UV and abrasion protection with a high degree of burst resistance. These protection sleeves offer good leakage containment and reduce the concentrated stream of pinhole leaks.

If you need to reduce heat energy loss and increase employee safety try Essentra fire protection sleeves. Fire protection sleeves withstand repeated exposure to molten steel, molten aluminum, and molten glass. The resilient layers withstand powerful radiant heat and flame up to 3000° (15-30 second exposure).

Hose Wear Protectors

Guard against hose abrasion and wear with point of contact guards from Essentra. These PVC covers are easy to assemble and remove and come in 6 lengths from 4” – 12”. Hose guard protectors create a durable shield in situations where point of contact protection is critical.

Hose Protection Clamps

Secure your Essentra hose protection sleeves with our full range of hose clamps and hose and tubing cinch straps. Our selection includes worm gear clamps, t-bolt clamps, hanging cinch straps, quick assemble hose clamps, and more to secure the protective gear to your valuable equipment. Request a master catalog or call a customer service representative for details today!

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