Fibre, Wire & Cable Management


Fibre, Wire & Cable Management
Essentra Components offers a comprehensive selection of wire routing and cable management products for immediate shipment and delivery. Wire management is an integral part of a design that allows space management and wire protection to assure performance longevity of any device. Cable protection is vital in order to maintain signal integrity and avoid power loss.

Cable Management Products

Designing the management of wires and cables in a device requires flexibility across many industries. Essentra offers an innovative offering of Clips & Clamps in order to route your cabling. We even have cable ties, heat shrink tubing and conduit for all your wire routing requirements.

All of our cable routing devices hold many different bundle diameters. Essentra wiring devices can accommodate single round wires, wire bundles, and flat ribbon cables. Our snap in mounted wiring devices snap in to various hole sizes and panel thicknesses. To maintain the integrity of your circuit, Essentra has many releasable designs so you can extract and insert wires for easy repair.

Essentra can also protect your wires from chaffing and damage while passing through a chassis hole. The sharp edge of a chassis hole can cause wear and tear on wire jacketing, which could expose the bare wire to shorting and damage. We offer a large range of grommets and bushings designed to protect wires as they pass through these holes. Our offering spans a myriad of hole sizes and panel thicknesses. We also have items that offer strain relief protection from external pulling force on cables exiting an enclosure, including our large range of cable glands. We also offer items for plugging unused holes.

Fiber Optic Cable Management

Essentra has routing devices specifically designed for the fiber optic industry. Fiber optics require extra protection from signal degradation and loss from extreme bending of fiber optic cable as well as optic fracture, or kinking. We can protect a fiber optic cable from junction box, all the way into the home, as well as on the circuit board level.

Free Catalog, Samples & CAD Drawings

Essentra Components is a one-stop shop for your fastening and cable management needs. As well providing free CAD drawings for most products, we encourage sampling, allowing you to try-before-you-buy.

We offer same day shipping of your order with fast delivery with warehouses located strategically across the USA and Canada. Request your free catalog today to see our entire product offering.
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