Rivets are mechanical fasteners used to join two objects together and are designed for fast and easy installation. Our lightweight nylon rivets are strong & durable. Available in a wide variety of styles, some of the most common are blind rivets, snap rivets and removable rivets.

Push-In Rivets

This style of rivet is designed to push into place, and only requires access to the top side of the application. The rivet is aligned to the hole and would be pushed into place. Push-in rivets include fir tree fasteners, barbed fasteners, folding leg rivets and snap rivets, to name a few. They are usually installed by hand, but some styles may use a rivet tool.

Screw-In Rivets

The threaded rivet is joined to a grommet nut. There are two main types of screw-in rivets. One style the rivet is pushed in to fasten it, but must be unscrewed when removed. The other style works more like a normal screw; it must be rotated during both installation and removal.[more][less]

Snap-Together Rivets

Snap-together rivets are two separate pieces that are snapped together when installed. They often require access to both sides of the objects to be fastened. Examples of this style are rachet fasteners, mini rivets and snap latch rivets.

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We have a no minimum order policy, however, we offer large volume discounts. If you are having trouble figuring out which rivet will work best for your application, we offer free samples so that you can try-before-you-buy. Contact a customer service representative by calling 800-847-0486 or live chat.

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