Essentra Components has a large selection of fasteners in-stock and ready to ship from our regional warehouse. Our fasteners include washers, screws, nuts and bolts as well as rivets, anchors, quarter turn fasteners, and threaded inserts.

Washers, Spacers & Bushings - Washers are used to reduce wear, prevent a bolt or nut from damaging the object being fastened or to reduce loosening via vibrations. Spacers are used to gap two components. Bushings are used to reduce friction and minimize vibrations. We offer both metal and nylon washers, spacers and bushings with many specialty items available.

Screws, Bolts and All-Threads - Secured with or without nuts, we offer screws and bolts with imperial and metric threads. We carry many standard types, such as hex-head screws, as well as specialty fasteners such as tooling bolts.

Anchors- Create support points in order to affix something to a surface that either does not readily permit screws or bolts to stay secure, increasing the strength of the anchor point. Essentra offers several concrete and hollow wall anchor options.

Nuts- Simply used to secure fasteners. Essentra offers both standard nuts, such as acorn, wing and hex nuts, as well as a large selection of specialty nuts, including grommet nuts, T-nuts, weld nuts, rod couplings and tooling nuts.

Fastening Pins and Sets - Fastening pins are used to connect two or more objects together for towing, fabrication, or to secure other fasteners. We have a large selection of fastening pins and sets including taper pins, cotter pins, hitch pins, roll pins and clevis pins, to name a few. Browse our entire selection of pin fasteners.

Quarter Turn Fasteners- Used to secure panels that need to be held secure yet removed easily, quarter turn fasteners consists of a quarter turn stud and receptacle. Washers and springs can be added to the assembly for added features or functionality, such as turning the stud into a captive screw to prevent it from becoming lost.

Rivets- Used to connect objects together quickly. We have a large selection of rivets, including push-in, screw-in and snap together types.

Threaded Inserts, Tools & Kits - We offer a range of threaded inserts and tools that can help you repair damaged threads on bolts and bolt holes, including replacement blades and repair kits that come complete with setting tools.

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