Plastic Threaded Caps

Essentra supplies a large selection of protection caps to protect threaded components. Our range includes sealing, quick fit, and valve caps to fit a variety of thread styles during transport and storage.

Protect flared and flareless fittings against dirt, dents, and moisture with Essentra caps to fit UNF, JIC, Metric, and BSP threads. UNJ/UNJS threaded caps are available to fit tubing sizes from 3/16" to 1-1/2" and used to protect UNJ/UNJS threaded components from contaminants during production, storage, and shipment. The easy to grip head design allows for ease of hand installation. Protect and limit fluid leakage with Essentra UNF/Metric threaded sealing caps which are resistant to chemicals and reduces shearing. The cap includes a gasket to limit fluid leakage. The hexagonal head enables the application or removal with a wrench or sock at low torques but it is recommended to tighten by hand.

Browse our threaded plastic caps, if you’re not sure which will work best for your application then use our sampling program to try the cap before you buy it.

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